Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been a whole month!

So today marks one month that we have been married!!!!! I have heard from a lot of people that the first month is supposed to be hardest with getting used to each other's habits and everything, but I have also heard from a lot of people that the first month is so wonderful and fun. For us it has definitely been the second one. We have so much fun coming home to each other, and getting ready together sharing the bathroom, and waking up to each other's cute faces. We have had little tiffs here and there..."why didn't you pick me up on time?" or "you hate my cooking because I put beef in my taco soup instead of chicken!" But we love and appreciate each other more and more every day!

On our one month mark...

  • I realized I still have my acrylic nails on from the wedding.
  • We had our first meal sitting at our table instead of on the couch watching TV.
  • We had a serious conversation about our future.
  • I went to Chris' basketball game where he scored 31 points (for me)!
  • We got our fat chef kitchen mat in the mail which completed our home decor.
  • Chris broke our bed right after we declared our apartment complete.
  • We survived -20 degree weather.

One month down...ETERNITY to go!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our new A-P-T !!!

We finally have our cute lil apartment feeling like a home! The only things we're still waiting on are our sofa slip cover, our fat chef kitchen rug, and our wedding pictures (you can see that most of the frames are empty if you look close!) And that's just for the basics! We know we can't have EVERYTHING we want right now so we love what we have and we're adding slowly. We LOVE that we are still getting some wedding cards with special little gifts inside that let us add to our apartment. We are so thankful to have such supportive friends and family that have helped us so much!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl's Night

I had my first girl's night out since being married! I didn't want to leave Chris all by himself on a Friday night but there were 2 great NBA games so he seemed to be totally fine with it. He just got some Subway and Horkley's and posted up for the night.

So McKae and I drove down to I.F- Idaho Falls for those of you NOT from Idaho- and met up with Amber and Nikki. (Nik is in town from Utah! Yay!) It has been so long since these 3 girls and I have been together-they are some of my BEST girl friends! We ate at the SnakeBite (delicious chicken sandwiches!) had some great convo and catching up time. We went back to Amb's to watch a movie but we first had to hear the new song she wrote (she's an amazing musician). And it was fantastic! Then we all cuddled up on one couch to watch House Bunny! Silly movie- I liked the nerdy redhead and hated the he/she.

I love my girls and want to have my girl time on a regular basis. But I also love having my perfect husband to come home to! I don't know if life can get any better.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chupa's birthday!

Chris' 24th birthday was this past Sunday (1/11). We have been doing so much celebrating lately with Christmas, wedding, and honeymoon but thats just how we do so of course we had to have another good celebration day. Since his actual birthday was on a Sunday I took him out on a HOT date the night before to Idaho Falls (ha ha!). We were planning on going to Chili's for dinner since we haven't been since the last time we were in ID....but we got a little carried away shopping with our gift cards so we didn't have time. So we had dinner at T.G.I.Fridays and hurried over to the theatre to catch our movie. We saw Bride Wars (my babe loves Chick Flicks!) and it was cute..not the best movie ever but I liked looking at their cute clothes, shoes and purses!

The next morning I got up and made Chris pancakes and eggs for a sweet breakfast in bed! After church and dinner we had some people over for rainbow chip cake (best ever) and Scchhhhhmoozies. It was all delicious! And we had a good time with our friends! Now we can't wait until March when we have something to celebrate again!

The beginning

Since we just got married I thought it would be fun to create a blog to keep anyone thats interested updated on our lives. I'm thinking Chris won't really be writing a lot but we will add pictures whenever we can! So far all that we're up to is Chris just starting a new job and me starting school again. We have also been setting up and decorating our apartment in Rexburg! Its getting really cute. We just need some more furniture to make it feel like a home. We are loving all our wedding gifts and I am using a lot of them to practice my cooking and other domestic skills! We just love our life together!