Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chupa's birthday!

Chris' 24th birthday was this past Sunday (1/11). We have been doing so much celebrating lately with Christmas, wedding, and honeymoon but thats just how we do so of course we had to have another good celebration day. Since his actual birthday was on a Sunday I took him out on a HOT date the night before to Idaho Falls (ha ha!). We were planning on going to Chili's for dinner since we haven't been since the last time we were in ID....but we got a little carried away shopping with our gift cards so we didn't have time. So we had dinner at T.G.I.Fridays and hurried over to the theatre to catch our movie. We saw Bride Wars (my babe loves Chick Flicks!) and it was cute..not the best movie ever but I liked looking at their cute clothes, shoes and purses!

The next morning I got up and made Chris pancakes and eggs for a sweet breakfast in bed! After church and dinner we had some people over for rainbow chip cake (best ever) and Scchhhhhmoozies. It was all delicious! And we had a good time with our friends! Now we can't wait until March when we have something to celebrate again!


  1. will you post some freakin pictures of your apartment already? the picture in my head is just not doin it for me anymore... lovins!

  2. Yum Yum Yum. I love rainbow chip cake!!! Happy late birthday!

  3. i want to see that movie!! i'm a little disappointed it wasn't the best movie ever. i'll try to go into it with an open mind!

  4. GREAT blog! Loves it!! Anyway, since I didn't even realize it was Chris' birthday last Sunday, I will plan my own celebration....if it's good, I may even include y'all.


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