Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl's Night

I had my first girl's night out since being married! I didn't want to leave Chris all by himself on a Friday night but there were 2 great NBA games so he seemed to be totally fine with it. He just got some Subway and Horkley's and posted up for the night.

So McKae and I drove down to I.F- Idaho Falls for those of you NOT from Idaho- and met up with Amber and Nikki. (Nik is in town from Utah! Yay!) It has been so long since these 3 girls and I have been together-they are some of my BEST girl friends! We ate at the SnakeBite (delicious chicken sandwiches!) had some great convo and catching up time. We went back to Amb's to watch a movie but we first had to hear the new song she wrote (she's an amazing musician). And it was fantastic! Then we all cuddled up on one couch to watch House Bunny! Silly movie- I liked the nerdy redhead and hated the he/she.

I love my girls and want to have my girl time on a regular basis. But I also love having my perfect husband to come home to! I don't know if life can get any better.


  1. I had so much fun with you too Mellie! You are definitely one of the girls I love and miss the most! Thanks for a wonderful time!!!

    "The eyes are the nipples of the face."

  2. I'm sorry I missed out! You guys are so fun to hang out with we will have to plan another girls night!

  3. I love your blog.....I miss you two love birds sooo much!!! I want you to put pics on here of your MOM


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