Saturday, February 28, 2009

a REAL unsolved mystery...

Ok I am Fa-reeked out! Something has got me feeling like there is a mouse in my bed and a rat lurking around every corner. And that thing is my delicious twix cady bar! I know you're confused so I'll explain...

Last night we were going to the WE SHOT THE MOON concert and of course had to go Horkley's before to get a Rockstar and to meet up with Brandon (Judy). You can't use a debit card there unless your total is at least 2 dollars so I was FORCED(haha..ya right) to get a Twix so Chris could use his card. So we got our stuff and went to Locus for the show. It was a fantastic show and was perfect because it was our two month anniversary of being married and Chris introduced We Shot The Moon to me the first day we spent time alone together and realized we liked each other.
So when we got the the show I left my purse and everything including my Twix in the car..on the front seat floor...sitting upright. Three hours later we got back to the car and I felt in my purse for my cell phone and I felt something unfamiliar and pulled it out. It was my Twix that was in the pocket of my purse and it looked like THIS...

It was shredded open and if you look really close it looks like there could be little tiny teeth marks in the chocolate. But we have checked the whole car and there is nothing in it! And how would something get in there anyway? And the creepy thing is that my purse was in the same exact spot standing upright in the car without anything else even touched. It didn't look rummaged through AT ALL! There are no explanations as to what could have caused this so I am stumped..and creeped out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar night and Fashion!

So we are sitting here watching the Oscars, which I think are so much better than usual. I usually watch the Red carpet then start watching the show and get too bored with all the movies no one has seen and change it to some more entertaining reality show. But this year Hugh Jackman is hosting and there are so many great celebrities involved in the show and its even kinda funny! I was pleasantly surprised. PLUS Heath Ledger won for his role as the Joker which I think was totally deserved.

Something not so great was some of the fashion. The guys all looked great in their tuxes. The girls....not so much. Lots of weird mermaid dresses and nothing that looked really gorgeous to me. Here are my picks for best looking of the night (I have nothing better to do while watching TV)

I think Heidi Klum is always gorgeous and she has greats legs!
This is Taraji Henson from Benjamin Button.
Alicia Keys- her dress was pretty but I just think her hair and makeup were amazing.
Here are some I didn't like so much. I usually like when they try something differentand unique but this was just too much. But I'm not the person that is going to sit here and tear every celebrity apart. I think they're pretty, great people and good actors...I just thought their dresses tonight were fug.
Beyonce Tilda Swinton
Miley Cyrus (who I guess is being voted one of the best dressed...?)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

It was our first Valentine's Day together, married, and even knowing each other! It was absolutely wonderful! You want details of the holiday? Yes please! Hokay here they are. We love holidays and were sooo excited that my mother-in-law sent us a great lovie package with all kinds of VDAY things and we got to decorate and be festive! It was so fun! We also got a card from the Arnold G-Parents, a cute handmade card from my sis Kimmie, and a package full of Congs and money for us to go out to din from my Dad! We were feelin the LOVE! I took pictures of EVERYTHING that day because I'm starting "our first year together" scrapbook! Here is most of what was in our package from Michelle...

Valentine's day morning I woke up to husbee bringing me pancakes and eggs for breakfast in bed! So exciting to wake up to that smell. When I came out to the kitchen I saw a dozen roses, box of chocolates and a candle. I got Chris a book he wanted "Call me Ted" and one of his favorite movies "Definitely Maybe".

Chris made dinner which was sooo delicious that I'm craving it again right now. Chicken fettucine, broccoli, and french bread. Then I made dessert which was also very delish...I'm gonna get a piece of that fruit pizza when I'm done with this blog. See for yourself...

This weekend we saw two really good movies and they were such great dates. I love my lover and feel so lucky we get to be together every V-day, every holiday, and every day for the rest of forever! We love each other ;) Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I have been sick with all types of different things this past week. My husbee has been taking such good care of me. So while I'm in the tub he brings in a cold drink, chocolate, and some medicine. He popped out two pills and when he went to hand them to me he accidently dropped one in the water. I picked it up as soon as possible but next thing I know the water starts changing colors. In just a couple seconds the whole tub was full of yellow water! I mean..the tiny pill was only in the water for one second! Then when I hopped out I found 4 spots of my skin dyed yellow! What kind of pills do that?!?!