Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar night and Fashion!

So we are sitting here watching the Oscars, which I think are so much better than usual. I usually watch the Red carpet then start watching the show and get too bored with all the movies no one has seen and change it to some more entertaining reality show. But this year Hugh Jackman is hosting and there are so many great celebrities involved in the show and its even kinda funny! I was pleasantly surprised. PLUS Heath Ledger won for his role as the Joker which I think was totally deserved.

Something not so great was some of the fashion. The guys all looked great in their tuxes. The girls....not so much. Lots of weird mermaid dresses and nothing that looked really gorgeous to me. Here are my picks for best looking of the night (I have nothing better to do while watching TV)

I think Heidi Klum is always gorgeous and she has greats legs!
This is Taraji Henson from Benjamin Button.
Alicia Keys- her dress was pretty but I just think her hair and makeup were amazing.
Here are some I didn't like so much. I usually like when they try something differentand unique but this was just too much. But I'm not the person that is going to sit here and tear every celebrity apart. I think they're pretty, great people and good actors...I just thought their dresses tonight were fug.
Beyonce Tilda Swinton
Miley Cyrus (who I guess is being voted one of the best dressed...?)


  1. thanks! well let's plan a date, I do like a good excuse for a road trip haha. Plus if you tell some of you friends about me we could really have some fun!

    I wish I could yes to both of those. I'm planning on applying to the photography major at BYU and I do feel blessed with this talent but I know I have a long way to go until I reach my true goal.

  2. i agree with your choices of good and "fug's"-that made me smile! anyways, i like the pattern on beyonce's dress, but i think that the shape of the dress is hideous on her! she is a shaply girl and that dress just accented the wrong parts TOO much! a different style would have been much better. that's just my opinion.... i am an expert you know!

  3. haha you make me laugh you little fashion critic! I agree with you, but where was Kate Winslet on your best dressed? And I love the girl from Benjamin Button! I'm so happy Heath was awarded too. I also liked how they had all the previous award winners come back and announce the winners, that was a nice touch. I don't think sean penn is hot but I liked his all black tux. That is all.


  4. tilda swinton is an alien... or something creepy... and i think alicia keys looked SO good, but I agree with the dress. Come over here and give me some of that cable goodness


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