Saturday, February 28, 2009

a REAL unsolved mystery...

Ok I am Fa-reeked out! Something has got me feeling like there is a mouse in my bed and a rat lurking around every corner. And that thing is my delicious twix cady bar! I know you're confused so I'll explain...

Last night we were going to the WE SHOT THE MOON concert and of course had to go Horkley's before to get a Rockstar and to meet up with Brandon (Judy). You can't use a debit card there unless your total is at least 2 dollars so I was FORCED(haha..ya right) to get a Twix so Chris could use his card. So we got our stuff and went to Locus for the show. It was a fantastic show and was perfect because it was our two month anniversary of being married and Chris introduced We Shot The Moon to me the first day we spent time alone together and realized we liked each other.
So when we got the the show I left my purse and everything including my Twix in the car..on the front seat floor...sitting upright. Three hours later we got back to the car and I felt in my purse for my cell phone and I felt something unfamiliar and pulled it out. It was my Twix that was in the pocket of my purse and it looked like THIS...

It was shredded open and if you look really close it looks like there could be little tiny teeth marks in the chocolate. But we have checked the whole car and there is nothing in it! And how would something get in there anyway? And the creepy thing is that my purse was in the same exact spot standing upright in the car without anything else even touched. It didn't look rummaged through AT ALL! There are no explanations as to what could have caused this so I am stumped..and creeped out!


  1. ahahah that's crazy!!
    hope you didn't eat it :) :)

  2. oh my gosh! craazzzy!! That is really REALLY weird. WHAT WAS IT??!

  3. it was me!! yum yum in my tum!


  4. Ew...You still ate it didn't you? I know you did! FEIVEL followed you! Its just like the movie: Feivel Goes (North)West!


  5. Min Mouse - this is a world class blog!! Who knew?!?! Loves it...I'll visit more often.
    btw - I hopeyou didn't waste the rest of the twix!


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