Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!!!

It was our first Valentine's Day together, married, and even knowing each other! It was absolutely wonderful! You want details of the holiday? Yes please! Hokay here they are. We love holidays and were sooo excited that my mother-in-law sent us a great lovie package with all kinds of VDAY things and we got to decorate and be festive! It was so fun! We also got a card from the Arnold G-Parents, a cute handmade card from my sis Kimmie, and a package full of Congs and money for us to go out to din from my Dad! We were feelin the LOVE! I took pictures of EVERYTHING that day because I'm starting "our first year together" scrapbook! Here is most of what was in our package from Michelle...

Valentine's day morning I woke up to husbee bringing me pancakes and eggs for breakfast in bed! So exciting to wake up to that smell. When I came out to the kitchen I saw a dozen roses, box of chocolates and a candle. I got Chris a book he wanted "Call me Ted" and one of his favorite movies "Definitely Maybe".

Chris made dinner which was sooo delicious that I'm craving it again right now. Chicken fettucine, broccoli, and french bread. Then I made dessert which was also very delish...I'm gonna get a piece of that fruit pizza when I'm done with this blog. See for yourself...

This weekend we saw two really good movies and they were such great dates. I love my lover and feel so lucky we get to be together every V-day, every holiday, and every day for the rest of forever! We love each other ;) Happy Valentine's Day to all!


  1. Hokay...many things here. Numero uno..I love Chris as your hubby. Number 2 I love "He's just not that into you"!! So cute, im buying it! And number 3...I have been wanting to try that recipe for the pizza!! Its a sugar cookie right?? Tell me how it tasted!! Happy V-Day Lover!

  2. Exactly, Number one... why have you never made a delish looking fruit pizza? i didnt even know that you were capable of such wonderment... love... and you forgot to mention the valentine you got in the mail thank you!

  3. you two are absolutely adorable! I love looking at your blog =)

  4. I loooove that fruit pizza! yummy! so glad you guys had a great and romantic first valentines together! how cute! i want a husbee! -Cole

  5. Nic and I love Definitely, Maybe. It's such a great movie. And I'm loving that dessert pizza! So cool. Glad to see you guys are doing well. Have you two listened to "What We Wish We'd Known When We Were Newlyweds" by John & Kimberly Bytheway? If not, you guys should. I love that cd! I still listen to it. :-)


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