Monday, March 30, 2009


I have to add to my birthday post! I love when my birthday is extended because people sent me packages that I didn't get in time fo my actual birthday because then you get to celebrate even longer! So my best friend in heart ALYSON TIDWELL sent me the greatest package! It was a big box and when I shook it I knew there was candy so me and my sweet tooth were excited! It was a multitude of candy posters! It was so fun to pull out each piece and read it! I took some pics...

My favorite one is the baby one. There was all this candy and then just a stuffed baby taped onto that mug! I was crackin up when I saw it! My friends are so awesome and Alyson is so crazy cool (takin it back to sixth grade with that phrase). I love getting packages because it makes me so excited and I feel so special. Chris' Mom actually just sent us an Easter package but I haven't got to look through it yet! But I love it! If anyone wants to know how to make my day...just send me a package (hint hint)!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebration station...

This past week we did A LOT of celebrating and I loved it! For St. Patrick's day I planned on getting up in the night and putting Rolos everywhere and putting green freckles on Chris so he would be surprised when he woke up. Growing up we always had "the leprechauns" come mess up the house and leave candy everywhere. I wanted to carry on the tradition...and also make green breakfast. Buuuut I completely forgot about St. Patrick's day! I'm a failure. But I did have a crazy busy week at school. So we just had green breakfast for dinner. I'll have to make up for it next year. Friday was my birthday! I'm getting so old and I love it because it means I don't ever have to go to school again and soon enough I will be able to make actual money to do all the things Chris and I want to do! I had a fantastic day! Everyone was so thoughtful. Chris got me the purfume that I'm obsessed with and wanted SO bad...Chanel Coco Mademoiselle! Now I smell so good all the time! I was so excited to celebrate because my sisters sent me a "party in a box" with candy, a Happy Birthday banner, cake mix and frosting, party poppers and tons of other cute little things!

I had to go to school which I think should not be allowed on birthdays. But I felt ok about it because I got to wear my new PINK jacket that my Mom sent me! One of my BFFs Mckae took me to lunch at NYB! It was delicious and she gave me cute black jewelry! It was impossible for me to stay on my health plan because Dad sent me congs, and with all the candy and cupcakes and all the wonderful deliciocities of life around me, I just had to take a lil break from it.

My mother in law sent us $50 to go out to dinner! I thought it was so funny because she said she was going to send a gift card to a restaurant but when she looked online for what restaurants were in Rexburg she couldn't find anything! Which is just true! We drove to Idaho Falls to go eat at Texas Roadhouse and it was amazing. I was so proud that their Ribeye steak was called the Fort Worth so I had to order that because its where I grew up! We ended the day with some shopping which was the perfect end to a fabulous day!

The next night I went out with the girls! Amber was playing a show and after going to about 15,000 of her shows it was the last one we will get to go to because we're graduating and Amber is moving to Nashville! I only recorded at the end of the song but here is a little clip. Singing the new Miley Cyrus song!

I have the greatest life! It is so completely different since getting married and I just feel like I have everything I need and want right now. Its so fun starting to live the life I always imagined! There are going to be a lot more changes this year but I am ready for it and I'm just excited to see whats going to happen next!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


My husband is a pretty healthy eater...and I am not. I mean I work out at least three times a week but eating is a different story. I blame my parents (Dad mostly) for my extreme obsession with sweets. I grew up not really caring about meals and just trying to satisfy my snacking needs. Don't get me Mom always made delicious family dinners but I still got my "junk" cravings. Whenever I am going to my Dad's "bachelor pad" I know that no matter what there will be a fatty steak and congo bar dough waiting. The rest of the visit is sure to include all of my favorite "meals". These are my favorites...

So since I'm married now and getting old (I'll be 23 next week) I decided I should learn how to cook some healthy things and cut some junk out so Chris and I can set healthy habits so we can have a better lifestyle and have a healthy family in the future.
Don't think I've changed too much, I fully intend to partake in my favorite meals at my Dad's and I won't completely betray my love affair with chocolate. But I just want to take on a healthier everyday lifestyle (holidays excluded).
So I have about 5 dishes that I can make really well and I make pretty much every week. I would love any recipes that anyone has that I can add to my new recipe book! I'll keep you posted on how my cooking skills are coming!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fave VIDS of the last year...

I have so many videos on my computer that mostly came off my camera. I just had fun looking through them so I'm posting some of my faves. They might not be funny unless you're family....but I like them anyway.

This one is the night we got engaged. We were doing toasts with sparkling cider. And I just think its really funny that we're all drinking out of nice glasses and then you see my Dad take a shot out of a shot glass. Hahaha...

We're driving to LA to go on a cruise and Kimmie was car dancin it up. The "gun" dance is my favorite car dance!

Goobie Goobs is very good at doing impressions. Here he can imitate our beloved President Hinckley. Hes reading out of the Ensign so it doesn't seem sac-religious.

I don't know what little dance Scottee is doing at the beginning...but I just think its funny how the little pillow toss from Nepper goes right to the camera...