Saturday, March 14, 2009


My husband is a pretty healthy eater...and I am not. I mean I work out at least three times a week but eating is a different story. I blame my parents (Dad mostly) for my extreme obsession with sweets. I grew up not really caring about meals and just trying to satisfy my snacking needs. Don't get me Mom always made delicious family dinners but I still got my "junk" cravings. Whenever I am going to my Dad's "bachelor pad" I know that no matter what there will be a fatty steak and congo bar dough waiting. The rest of the visit is sure to include all of my favorite "meals". These are my favorites...

So since I'm married now and getting old (I'll be 23 next week) I decided I should learn how to cook some healthy things and cut some junk out so Chris and I can set healthy habits so we can have a better lifestyle and have a healthy family in the future.
Don't think I've changed too much, I fully intend to partake in my favorite meals at my Dad's and I won't completely betray my love affair with chocolate. But I just want to take on a healthier everyday lifestyle (holidays excluded).
So I have about 5 dishes that I can make really well and I make pretty much every week. I would love any recipes that anyone has that I can add to my new recipe book! I'll keep you posted on how my cooking skills are coming!


  1. This isn't really a recipe, but I try to cut down on eating red meat. I try to only include it once a week, so I use turkey meat in place of hamburger! But I did try a delicious new recipe for bacon provolone chicken sandwiches (wich I used turkey bacon and whole wheat buns) it was a hit with Will and Wyatt! I will think of some more! O how fun!

  2. well ill tell you, something that is really easy and healthy is chips and salsa, all you do is get some salsa and some chips and dip it up! HAHA, another favorite is top ramen, but get is healthy by adding roasted chicken and peas! That is how healthy my family is!

  3. Oh my word Bren and I are the same way! Bren likes the healthy organic stuff and I'm like junk food all the way!! My sister in law has a recipe blog its kinda fun and has tons of recipes! The website for it is


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