Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fave VIDS of the last year...

I have so many videos on my computer that mostly came off my camera. I just had fun looking through them so I'm posting some of my faves. They might not be funny unless you're family....but I like them anyway.

This one is the night we got engaged. We were doing toasts with sparkling cider. And I just think its really funny that we're all drinking out of nice glasses and then you see my Dad take a shot out of a shot glass. Hahaha...

We're driving to LA to go on a cruise and Kimmie was car dancin it up. The "gun" dance is my favorite car dance!

Goobie Goobs is very good at doing impressions. Here he can imitate our beloved President Hinckley. Hes reading out of the Ensign so it doesn't seem sac-religious.

I don't know what little dance Scottee is doing at the beginning...but I just think its funny how the little pillow toss from Nepper goes right to the camera...


  1. Hokay...I love all of those. I don't know why the one of Nephi cracked me up so! I miss Kimmie's car dances and how excited her face always gets. Haha Kailey was all embarrassed! Altho Im extremely disappointed there wasn't a vid of me. Fix that...


  2. Oh my word! My brother in law is amazing at impersonations too! And hes done President Hinkley for us! Amazing!


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