Monday, March 30, 2009


I have to add to my birthday post! I love when my birthday is extended because people sent me packages that I didn't get in time fo my actual birthday because then you get to celebrate even longer! So my best friend in heart ALYSON TIDWELL sent me the greatest package! It was a big box and when I shook it I knew there was candy so me and my sweet tooth were excited! It was a multitude of candy posters! It was so fun to pull out each piece and read it! I took some pics...

My favorite one is the baby one. There was all this candy and then just a stuffed baby taped onto that mug! I was crackin up when I saw it! My friends are so awesome and Alyson is so crazy cool (takin it back to sixth grade with that phrase). I love getting packages because it makes me so excited and I feel so special. Chris' Mom actually just sent us an Easter package but I haven't got to look through it yet! But I love it! If anyone wants to know how to make my day...just send me a package (hint hint)!


  1. You Bia! You cant just ask people to send you packages for nothing!?! Ok well maybe you can..but have them send me something too. Remember how we never got any of our mail at our apartment? And one time you had a package from a certain somebody and it was old cookies?? HAHA did I try and eat them?? Probably. Love and Miss! And your welcome for the card. START MAKING BABIES! After Graduation of course.

  2. make babies!


    happy birthday! sorry your present is still at my house! :/ but how doesn't like gifts a month later!?


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