Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best moments of my life!

Right now I am experiencing one of the greatest feelings in the world. I have completely finished all work for all of my classes and not only am I done with this semester but I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! I've never felt so free! Lately I have loved thinking about the past 4 1/2 years i've spent in Rexburg. I feel so blessed that I was able to attend such a great University. I feel like I have grown up so much and learned a lot about myself. This is also where I got my complete education (I learned nothing in High School). This is also where I have built up my testimony of the church and temple. And where I met my husband! I've gone through good times and bad times. Good weather and bad weather. Fun party nights and sleepless study nights. Just so much has happened since I have been here and it is almost bittersweet to be done with it. More sweet than bitter but still.

You know those moments that you just love? It just is the best feeling for that one moment? Just for a moment it is the greatest thing you've ever smelled, felt, heard, saw, tasted. The second best thing to feeling those is really thinking hard and realizing what they are. Here are some of my best moments:

1. Right after I have turned in a huge project that I don't have to spend anymore time on.

2. When I have finished putting on my makeup for the day and it feels and looks perfect (because then it is faded an hour later)

3. When I bite into a perfect chocolate chip cooking, fresh from the over, but had the perfect amount of cooling time.

4. When I am laying on my side facing the wall and Chris wraps his arms around me from behind and I feel so safe and loved.

5. When I hear the voice of a member of my family.

6. Right when I walk in the door and I see that someone has a delicious plate of food just waiting for me.

7. Right after finding and purchasing the perfect item (usually shoes or purses) for the perfect price.

8. The moment someone else sees a surprise I planned for them.

9. When i'm sitting around just chillin and I realize that all the people i'm around are those I feel completely comfortable with and can have fun doing nothing with.

10. When my phone starts ringing and its the ringtone of someone I want to talk to.

11. The day after I had a hard workout and I feel just the right amount of soreness in one moment when I try to sit up and it hurts but it feels soooo good!

12. The moment I wake up and open my eyes and see my husby laying next to me.

13. When someone tells me they love me and I can tell they mean it.

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