Thursday, April 16, 2009


I graduated from college and it was so wonderful! My Mom and Dad came up for the celebration and we had a grand old time. We also had a fun engagement/graduation after party. Plus I got some great gifts which is always fun!
At graduation! I was the first Comm major to walk across!With my cute parents. It was windy!
At the grad/engagement party. My BFF Mckae got engaged last week!

My parents are giving me LASIK for my graduation. I am so excited/nervous! So there should be a good/interesting post in a couple of weeks. I go to Utah April 30th for the surgery. I plan to give a full account of what happens so stay tuned...

Other than LASIK I have so much to look forward to this summer. We plan to take a few trips... up to Washington in June for Chris' sister's graduation, down to St.George/Vegas in June for a Conner family reunion/to have fun, to California in July for McKae's wedding, and to Texas sometime after that to meet our new little niece Dub-Dee! I just can't wait for everything!

Besides all those plans I need to find something to occupy my time aka A JOB! Which I have found is pretty much impossible here in this little town. I'm sure I will work soon but I have to wait until after my surgery because I don't want to ask for a week and a half off before I even start. We'll see what happens!


  1. I'M SOOOO PROUD of you for graduating!!! Yay for the real world! lol Now you can relax and just make money and not spend it on tuition! hooray! (well except for Chris) ha I'm so glad life is going good for you right now. Sounds like a lot of exciting things coming up! ESp a trip to Texas!!! and we'll have our apt. by then! yeah! I think you should do a minute by minute blog of the LASIK. Crazy! that's cool! I wish I had perfect vision...oh wait, who am I kidding? I DO! haaaaaa


  2. Come visit me! why cant it be June already?

  3. Congrats Melissa! I'm so happy for you. That must be a huge relief to be done. :-) Good luck with the lasik. That's awesome.


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