Thursday, April 23, 2009

Livin Ze Life!

For the past two weeks I have not HAD to do anything. Which is good because I have been looking fug-a-ma-lug in my glasses the past week and a half. I love when I don't HAVE to do anything because I don't usually like having all these things that I HAVE to do. The only things I do everyday are make my husb dinner and go to the gym after. Other than that I have found other things to do. Chris started school again so during the day I usually clean the apartment and after that I have worked on my scrapbook, prepared picnics for our lunch, caught some TV series marathons (Biggest loser, Project Runway), shopped around for apartment decor, searched for new recipes and attempted to make them, read a book, redecorated our entire my head, had a couple interviews, you know things like that. Nights are way more fun with date nights, watching our TV shows, doing things with friends and stuff. But here are some of my daytime accomplishments:

I made a wreath! I really wanted something cute for our door but all the wreaths I see in stores are not very attractive so I decided to make one of those guys myself!
I also nurtured my flower named Amb. Amber gave me this cute plant for graduation and I felt bad for it because all my plants always die. But I have been taking care of it and a new bud just bloomed. It makes me feel springy!I know its sad but I gotta have somethin to take care of when I'm alone. I need a dog, a baby, or a job. Just kidding Mom. But seriously I need a dog. I already have the one I want picked out and the name and everything. We plan on getting one as soon as we get into a new place. But we each want a different kind (I obviously think mine is cuter). I bet you can guess who wants which one...




  1. You are so cute! I am so excited to see you! And meet your husband. You guys are coming in June right? Isn't it so nice to be at home doing whatever! Since having the baby I have gotten so creative, its fun.

  2. OHHH I Want a little Puggle!!! Plz name him that too! So cute! And I love love loooove the reef! How come you never made one of those guys for our apartment? Remember when our Christmas/Valentine reef got stolen??? Im still convinced it was those punk kids!! *&^*&^%)#^*%&(#*)@*#(

  3. Way too Cute! I can't wait till we get a place with a yard and... a puppy!!! so cute.


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