Saturday, May 30, 2009


Chris loves to play sports all the time but especially in the summer! This summer he is playing softball. He put the team together and is the captain and is pretty obsessed with it. Judy, Maddog, and Chris came up with the team name which is....Definitely Maybe. Shows you how much these boys loves Chick Flicks! Haha! They have a lot of fun with it and I have a lot of fun watching it. There is nothing better than hanging out outside in the perfect weather watching the boys do their thing and eatin snow cones!

BFFs...Maddog....PJ....and Judy

Warming up for the game... my cute husb...

Aubrey and Goobs come watch the games with me!

The boys bought matching shirts and eye black...

Hittin it to the fence

High fivin "We Lost"...the other team's name

The video of Chris' amazing hit! MVP!

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  1. Glad to see that first pic of Chris participating in the Special Olympics! db


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