Friday, May 1, 2009


I survived eye surgery!!! It is the best feeling knowing that I will never have to get up when I'm so tired to take my contacts out, or have to put my contacts in when I get up early and my eyes hurt for the rest of the day, and I won't have to wake up in the middle of the night and squint until my eyes hurt just to see the clock to make sure its not time for me to wake up! I can just see with my own eyes and it is fantastic! I also am glad its over bebcause I never want to hear the words CORNEAL FLAP again!

I had to get my eyes dialated two days before the surgery and I was lookin weird but I thought it was funny. Keep in mind during all these pictures that I couldn't wear a stitch of makeup on surgery day and I can't wear any eye makeup for a week after. I've learned to accept my natural flaws.

So on Thursday morning we drove down to Ogden, UT for the surgery. We had to leave at 5:00 in the morning because my appointment was at 8:30. I didn't realize that I was so nervous until we actually pulled in. Then I started freaking out because I realized my eyes were getting cut open. So we said a prayer in the car in the parking lot.

Here are some videos we took before the surgery.

Once we got in in there I was shocked to see so many people waiting to go in for surgery. They pretty much had everyone lined up and every 15 minutes a new person went in. There is a TV right outside the operating room where everyone in the waiting room can just watch the entire process of the person getting surgery right then. Chris made sure I didn't look at it because I would either throw up or back out. Finally after all my eye checks I was next in the eye numbing room. I took my Valium and went and got my eyes numbed up and ready to go.

Chris took a picture of the screen while my eye was getting lasered. I didn't feel anything during the surgery. I saw them wiping my eye and lifting the flap they cut but it didn't look like it was my eye. It just looked like they were doing something right in front of my eye. It was weird because it would just go dark and then I would see something that looked like outerspace and the milky way. I just had to stare at a light and then I was done.
When I was done it just looked like I was wearing some foggy contacts for a little while. This is right when I came out of the operating room. And they put those shield things over my eyes. We stopped at Panda Express after. We don't have one in Idaho so we always have to go there when we have an opportunity. I was a little loopy because of the medicine so Chris seized the opportunity to take a video of me while I was out of it. I hardly even remember him filming this.

The whole three hours home I was hidden under a jacket because it was way too bright outside for my eyes. Every now and then I would be like "baaaaaabe..can you hand me the M&Ms..Baaaabe...can you hand me the doughnut holes...panda express...beef jerky.." that type of thing. Chris was such a good husband..he woke me up every hour and held my eyes open to give me my hourly eye drops. I was not very easy to work with because I was so tired and my eyes were not doing what I was telling them to. We made it home and I pretty much slept the rest of the day away just giving those ojos a little rest.
Here is my cool hoodie that the eye center gave me as a gift for being the best patient they have ever had.......ok ok everyone gets one.
I woke up this morning and was able to see. Ah the miracle of sight! Thank you Mom and Dad for the best gift ever!


  1. Hokay...I was cracking up at your video of you mumbling. I thot of that one youtube vid with that little boy that went to the dentist and he is all messed up on the meds. Haha Heres the link: Haha!! Awww you little trooper you! I am so happy for you!!

  2. AAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally can NOT believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad it turned out okay. I'm so glad!!! oh man... that video of you all loopy is funny haha! I'm glad you can see now! My eyes were watering just looking and reading your blog. I don't know if I could ever do that. But I'm glad you did!

  3. Ok, number one as im reading this post I am wearing the EXACT same thing you have on in your video. Number two we have GOT to find that video of you after your wisdom teeth, its HILARIOUS and it reminds me of this video. CONGRATS!

  4. That is soooo exciting. ok and really funny that you have a video of you totally drugged out. hehe. I've been wanting to get lasic for ever, its so scary though! Im so proud of you! I would be all brave and then have a panic attack at the door to the clinic lol.


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