Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Lovie Lucy Lott!

We are finally an auntie and unky! My sister Christie and her husband Daniel had their first baby May 15th in Texas! They named her Lucy! I love her so much even though I wasn't there and I don't know when I will even get to meet her. But I am so excited to have a niece and I am excited for Christie and Daniel. They will be the best parents! I am already like a proud mama telling everyone about her and showing pictures. I'm going to be ten times worse when its our baby. But look at the precious little babe...


  1. awww CONGRATS YOU GUYS!! she is just precious, if i was hannibal hector, I'd eat her!!! you'll have so much fun when you visiting her! little babe! -colette

  2. AWWW!! OSH GOSH PEEKOSH I love that little one! Oh Auntie & Unky Hayzies!!

  3. M&M,
    You and your hubby are the hottest couple ever! (Shh don't tell Lolo & Charles I said so). I just found your blog through Christie's. I am so excited to get to keep up with your family now. I feel like I have been out of the loop for so long! Your blog is darling! I love you much!


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