Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random thoughts...

My Job:
So I got a job. A real job. An 8-5 desk job. So I have a lot of random thoughts bouncing around in my head all day. I mean 8 hours is a really long time. So sorry for the randomness but its comin atcha anyway.

Reality TV:
I really like TV. I mean its just so entertaining to me. Its not like I sit around and watch it all day. But Chris and I have the shows we watch every week and I just love it. I am completely addicted to reality shows. How could I not be when that is all thats on TV anymore?! Take my poll on the side of this guy. I'm curious to see what everyone else is into. ----------------->

Some of my faves:

The Hills is so lame to me but I've just watched it so long I can't just stop. I just think Rob is hilarious and I'm obsessed with Beefy.

I think Melissa is my fave this season on DWTS for so many reasons..and that is my favorite outift of the season. I love the Gosselin family! Hannah is my favorite of the 8!

I was talking to a girl friend today and we were talking about relationships. And do you know what I just can't understand? How can some people just have no desire to get married or have kids?! I mean I know that not everyone does the "mormon thing" and gets married as young as you can and have tons of kids and never go to work. But I can't believe there are some people that want to just live their lives independently without the responsibility of being in a committed relationship or having to raise children FOREVER! Its just my opinion but it just feels empty to me. I love my eternal commitment to Chris and can't wait to raise a family with him. There is no better plan to me.

I love music. How different would everything be without it? I mean... scary movies wouldn't be scary, there wouldn't be dancing, church wouldn't have hymns, no one could get pumped up at sports games...I mean life would just be boring.

My sister Christie is having her first baby this week. I wish I were in Texas so I could meet that little girl and show her all the love her auntie has. I already have nick names for her and I got her a pink bling bling binkie. I'm trying to decide when we want to start having kids. I feel like I have baby fever but then I think of the actual responsibility and I change my mind. We'll see...but we do already have names picked out.
Look at that face!

Car Dancing!
I don't ever want to be so grown up or stressed out that I can't take time to car dance. I just made up a new car dance to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" on the way to the gym yesterday and I just think its the most fun thing ever. I think it is even more fun to dance in the car than out of it. I think next time we're doin the dance I'll pull out the camera and record it.

That's all I've got for today! Shout out to Kimmie for her birthday this week! Happy Birthday Kiz!


  1. Hey. Your wedding dress is Amazingly pretty! Where did you get it? I live in Washington so modest dresses that are pretty are hard to come by.

  2. I actually got it in WA at the southcenter David's bridal. It's just a strapless dress and then I bought a bolero jacket to go over it and had the sleeves altered which I think is the best way to make it modest!

  3. Melissa, I think about having kids so much, it only gets worse as the months go by. It's better to wait in my opinion but not for forever! But I hear you, my sister is having her second child in September and I may not be there. It stinks not being around your niece (or nephews in my case) as they grow up.


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