Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gettin together with FAM!

I love Conner family reunions! That family just has some of the best, most talented, and most fun people! It was a lot of family, food, and activities. We picked up Scottee and Kailey in Mellow and drove down to Mike and Theresa's. I took a lot of pictures so I'll let them tell the story. Remind me to take some group pictures next time.

We got a little bored on the drive down...

We came up with our own competitions....

Of course Dad had some CONGOLOS (congo bars with rolos) waiting for us when we got there.

The villas we stayed in came with a golf cart to just drive around. That was pretty exciting. It doesn't take a lot to entertain us.

We spent a while on this amazing competition. Trying to touch the smoke I doesn't take a lot.

No one ever got to it...even with Rockstar power.

There were so many fun things to do: water balloon volleyball, jumpy castle for the kids, badminton, some boys went dirk biking, talent show, swimming, pinata, water volleyball, movies in the theatre room, etc etc etc...

Little cutie Tyler hitting the pinata!

Water balloon volleyball!

These are some great men! Rex, Mike, Brax

I just met adorable baby Krew!

Girl time!

My peace sign is in honor of Taja being a hippie for the day!

Pool day!

The teenies!

Probably my favorite pic of the weekend. Kailey ran into the side of the pool while swimming.

Everyone trying to get some free chiropractic work done from Jeff.

And free salon work from Bria..she dyed Kailey's eyelashes!

I love these guys. Chris, Rex, and Scottee!

Every video I have of Pott makes me laugh. Can you tell what he's singing? Mariah Carey...we belong together...he says its the best song of all time.


What a fantastic weekend! We got to go to Listy's graduation from high school. There was so much that went on that I couldn't even describe it all. It included: eating out at an amazing restaurant, cheering at graduation, lots of pictures (my stupid camera died in the middle of the graduation), family time, Chris playing NBA live 2K9, Conner fam visit, BBQ, shopping at the outlets, churchin, movies, Gparent time, and more delicious food. It was great! I wish I had more pictures.

Hayes' at gradution

The graduates hats and robes spelled out '09!

There she is..on her way to freedom!