Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well I'll tell you...

We are getting ready to move to Washington this weekend (yay!) so the past couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Good and bad things have come up. We are just ready to leave and start our new chapter of life in Washington. But I thought I would share some of our recent happenings first.

Chris was in a car accident. He was totally fine but the car (Mellow) was smashed up pretty badly. We were worried that he was going be totaled but we were lucky and there was only like $6000 of damage (thanks GOODNESS for insurance). So we've been driving a rental car that we named Grandy (who has "No Smoking" stickers all over it..ghet-TOE). And I was just reminded how I don't appreciate things until I don't have them anymore..which is exactly how I felt about Mellow. It took 3 weeks and we just got Mellow back! Here is the rental Grandy...

Packing is always a HUGE task. We took the opportunity to pack last weekend so we wouldn't have to work so hard this weekend. We tackled the storage bedroom and actually got the whole thing under conrol. In our next apartment we plan to have a guest bedroom instead of a junk room. Also while packing I discovered my shotglasses (I've collected from my Dad traveling all over and bringing me a shotglass everytime) and 20 of them were RUINED! Broken! Trashed! Some really good ones too. RIP shotties...We decided to retire the director's chair. It was just time to go. That thing has been in probably 15 college apartments. Kimmie got it when she first came to college and then I took it over when she was graduating. I wanted to take it to D.I. and Kimmie told me I had to take a picture of it know..for memories. So here she is..thank you director's chair for housing our bums all these years!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

I got to fly to Oakland for a couple of days to celebrate the wedding of Mckae Stiles and Nate King! It was so much fun to be with my girls and participate in all the festivities. It was the first wedding (besides my own) that I got to go watch in the sealing room. It was beautiful! I'm gonna let these pictures and videos tell the stories...

Amber, Mckae and I reunited!

I organized a bachelorette party for the night before the wedding! Games, food and gifts!

Wedding morning I got to do Mckae's makeup! She looked gorgeous!

I also loved her dress! Here they are as husband and wife for the first time!

Here are her best friends in front of the Oakland Temple!

Backyard reception! I loved the wedding details!

Kissing shot by the pool!

Her car was awesome! There were some goodies inside...

The bachelorette party was at Chevy's restaurant. Fun times!

At the reception..the daddy daughter/first dance. It was sweet!

The Curse...

I am cursed! Scary...I know. Let me this weekend I was in California for one of my Best Friend Mckae's wedding weekend (I will post pictures for that next). Somehow I was cursed with invisibility the second I got on the plane.

It was a 2 hour flight to Oakland and I was getting really thirsty. So I was excited when I see the stewards (male flight attendants?) start walking down to each row and writing down drink orders. On the airline I was on they just write everyone's down and bring them out row by row instead of hauling that drink cart down the aisle. So he gets to my row and we each order. I happened to order an orange juice. I SAW him write it down. He comes and gives the other two sitting by me their drinks...then he looks at me and says "Did you order something?". I kindly reminded him that I ordered an orange juice and he said he didn't know why he didn't get that and he promised he would be right back. I waited patiently for about 10 more minutes. Next thing I know I see him start coming down the aisle with the trash bag because everyone else is finished with their drinks and snacks! So I raise my hand and he comes over to me. I was hoping that right when he saw me it would trigger his memory and he would run and get my drink. But he just comes right up and asks if he can help me. I said " I still haven't gotten my drink" and he said "Oh...what did you order?" He was looking at me like he had never seen me before in his life. That's the first time I realized I had the curse.

That night at the bachelorette party we were at Chevys and the waiter was going all around the table taking orders, he skipped right over me and went to the next two girls. He came back to me but the curse worked for a minute. I was last to get my food and after we were all done he came to clear all the plates. For some unknown reason (the curse), he just didn't take my plate. It was so obvious that I was done and I wasn't touching it. The whole table was cleared off and my plate was just sitting in front of me!

THEN the next night after all of the wedding festivities Amber, Logan and I decided to hit up In-N-OUT! I went up to the counter FIRST and only ordered a small Strawberry Milkshake! How hard can it be to just fill up the cup right then and hand me my milkshake? Amber ordered next and then Logan. They each ordered a burger, fries and a drink! I am order number 61 Amber is 62 and Logan is 63. We hear numbers being called out. I was so excited to get that delicious milkshake! So after they called 60 I was watching for mine. Next thing I know I hear them call "Order 62!". How did they make a burger, fries and a drink and not find time to get my milkshake? Logan and Amber we laughing at me because I told them about the curse. Then we hear "Order 63!". Logans freakin pile of supreme fries with cheese onions and everything came out. Then I tell them " you skipped me!!" and the guy says "oh..what did you have?" Like I just never even ordered anything?!?! I have the receipt and I've been sitting right in front of him. I was in disbelief! So it has to be the curse.

Normally none of these things would be a big deal but just because they all happened within two days I am convinced it is a curse! Plus my flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours...doesn't really have anything to do with it but it just adds to it. I hope its broken..only time will tell!

Here I am at In-N-Out! So happy to have my milkshake! This was at like midnight...just FYI!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th!

For the 4th of July we got tickets to the Idaho Falls minor league baseball game...the Chukars! But first we cut up some watermelon (a must have for the fourth) and had some chicken pasta salad then headed down to I.F. to waste some time before the game. We got some snackies for the game...I don't know if you've ever realized but we are very into snacks for events. Henny-way, we had a great time shopping and browsing. Chris was like a kid in a candy store when we went to Michaels...

We represented our states and our country with our hats...

The Chukars won 8 to 5! There was a player from Kirkland, WA and he was pretty much the best on the team. Kirkland is close to where Chris is from in WA so everytime he did something good Chris would yell "Go Hilton from Kirkland"! We had some annoying locals sitting around us but all in all it was a great time! The game was at Melaleuca field and since the huge firework show is put on by Melaleuca we were right by where they set them off. Biggest firework show west of the Mississippi! I didn't take any pictures because I don't understand why people post pictures of fireworks that just seem like some blurry lights in the dark..unless they are standing in front of them or something. So great fireworks and an awesome fourth!