Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well I'll tell you...

We are getting ready to move to Washington this weekend (yay!) so the past couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Good and bad things have come up. We are just ready to leave and start our new chapter of life in Washington. But I thought I would share some of our recent happenings first.

Chris was in a car accident. He was totally fine but the car (Mellow) was smashed up pretty badly. We were worried that he was going be totaled but we were lucky and there was only like $6000 of damage (thanks GOODNESS for insurance). So we've been driving a rental car that we named Grandy (who has "No Smoking" stickers all over it..ghet-TOE). And I was just reminded how I don't appreciate things until I don't have them anymore..which is exactly how I felt about Mellow. It took 3 weeks and we just got Mellow back! Here is the rental Grandy...

Packing is always a HUGE task. We took the opportunity to pack last weekend so we wouldn't have to work so hard this weekend. We tackled the storage bedroom and actually got the whole thing under conrol. In our next apartment we plan to have a guest bedroom instead of a junk room. Also while packing I discovered my shotglasses (I've collected from my Dad traveling all over and bringing me a shotglass everytime) and 20 of them were RUINED! Broken! Trashed! Some really good ones too. RIP shotties...We decided to retire the director's chair. It was just time to go. That thing has been in probably 15 college apartments. Kimmie got it when she first came to college and then I took it over when she was graduating. I wanted to take it to D.I. and Kimmie told me I had to take a picture of it know..for memories. So here she is..thank you director's chair for housing our bums all these years!


  1. Exactly! what a good bum rest it was... i wish i would have kept track of all the people who sat in that chair... probably THOUSANDS!! RIP

  2. yay for moving!! that'll be a nice change for you!! glad you have a blog, because i'll probably never see you again!! melissa: good luck with life!! :) not that we made it a priority to keep in touch anyways, but you know what i mean! maybe i'll go snatch that chair from the d.i.!

  3. sad about the shotties! can't believe it. Good luck with the move. lUV YA

  4. SAD...I didn't know you guys were moving!!! Fun for you!
    So...I've seen Chris a couple times...once walking on trejo and another time walking on the railroad tracks right off of trejo. I've never said anything to him cuz...well...cuz we've never met! I only recognize him from your pics!
    So...I'm excited for you guys! Hope everything goes smooth with the move! I'll keep stalking your blog and pretending that we have been keeping in great touch! I'll miss you!

  5. Good times, good memories....we are so happy to have you back home...sorry about the heat.


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