Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My sister Christie and her new baby Lucy flew up from Texas for a visit and to go with us to the Smith Family Reunion. We have loved having them here and I just love having the whole family (minus Daniel) within a half hour of each other. My family are just my favorite people in the world so it has been the greatest week! I have too many cute Christie and Baby pictures so that is going to have to be a separate post.

My Mom's side of the family has a reunion every year. Every other year it is on the Oregon coast at Neskowin beach. We love having Mellow because we were able to fit myself, Chris, Christie, Kimmie, Scottee and Lucy plus all of our luggage and make the 4 hour drive together.

We got there late Thursday night and everyone else had been there all week. So everyone else had pretty much done everything they wanted to so we just did our own thing. We did have fun doing the "reunion games" and having some extended family time. But the most fun we had was on Saturday when we just spent the day on the beach then went shopping in Lincoln City then had a bon fire with S'mores! When we're all together it's always a good time.
Christie, Lucy, Scottee, Kimmie, Kailey, Chris and Meliss
(Lucy has the cutest little face in this pic) Sand castle contest- my team built a Sand Barn- we lost Just jumpin on the beaches!
Conner Kids plus new family additions! Bro in law, Step Sis and Baby! Mom/Grandma with baby girl!
Kimmie chillin on Hammy the Hammock!
I love this picture! Grandma Smith reading the Nutrition info on the back of a RockStar. Scottee and Chris spent hours digging a huge hole! There they are with our little beach set up in the back. They had to stop digging when they hit water. Cousin Krista loved it!

I love these Cousins....they are so cute!This was the cutest thing. The boys making boundary lines in the sand for their football game. The other families ditched out so we had the greatest time with our family and our favorite cousins building a fire, making s'mores and playing one of the most entertaining games ever. Playing a game of Hand and Foot on our last night!


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! You are a way fun family, and I love all of you guys so much. Gosh, it seems like yesterday that you were at our house in Cali, and it was I think your 1st or 2nd bday, and you were sitting in the middle of the table and we put a strawberry pie right in front of you. I remember that pic of you! You were our little "fa". Now Christie has her own little "fa" baby. So cute. Tell everyone I love them, and I'm glad you got Mellow back! Love ya,

  2. I love theses pics...I have the cutest kids on the planet AND I love that you got that shot of my mom......the hole one makes me laugh too......."whatcha doin'? Diggin a hole!" ha ha ha ha...MOM

  3. That is the biggest hole EVER! Nice work!


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