Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our favorite Baby Girl!

I FINALLY got to meet my first little niece Lucy Lott! Christie and Lucy flew up for a visit and I just LOVED it! I could not get enough of that little girl. She has the sweetest little personality and is the best baby ever! I spent as much time with Christie and Lucy as I could and had a wonderful visit. I love my oldest sister Christie so much! She is so much fun and is one of my favorite people to just talk and hang out with. She is such a good Mommy and I know her and Daniel will have a great family. I am just trying to convince them to move up to Washington now...

Each family member with Lulu...

I took a million pictures and videos of Luce. Here are some of my favorites...
Lucy meeting cousin Avery for the first time. They are less than a month apart.

I was laughing so hard when I saw this. Lucy is asleep face first into Christie.

Oh my goodness! Her little sweatsuit was so precious and perfect for the beach!

I just love when she would snuggle into me. I could watch her sleep for hours.

First of all... I am amazed that Christie can french braid her own hair like that! Lucy is using the bling bling binkie I gave her when she was born! Love it!

Look at that little mouth

Just hanging out with auntie and unky!

In her cute swimsuit going to take her first dip in the Ocean!

She makes the greatest expressions!
We all love LUCY LOU!

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  1. That may be the greatest niece tribute EVER!! I'm sure that will weigh heavily in the favorite aunt competition...


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