Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have been such a scaredy cat lately! I don't know if I have some fear of being alone or if I can't handle living in a two story place when I'm used to a tiny apartment. Chris is working a lot of hours and his job is an hour away so he is leaving while its still dark, pretty much in the middle of the night. It's a really good job so its worth it but one of the sacrifices (besides him having to be in the car almost 3 hours a day) is that we have different sleeping schedules. He tries to not wake me up and he always locks the front door when he leaves but as soon as I know I'm completely alone....I freak out. I hold my breath and my heart starts racing and I can't fall back asleep!

Its the weirdest thing and I don't know what to do about it. One BIG regret i'm having right about now is seeing so many scary movies. I used to love watching them but now I never do...and its a good thing too. One night Scottee came to sleep here and I just fell right back to sleep once I said goodbye to Chris. Just right away! I didn't even stop to think if I was alone or anything. Even though all the same little noises were being made I am just comforted knowing i'm not the only one there. I'm going to try something new every night this week and see if anything works. So far I have decided to try listening to my IPOD, turning on the TV, counting know...we'll see what works. If nothing does...I'm going to go to my Moms every morning (that always works!)

I don't want to leave this post thinking about being scared so i'll leave with some recent videos for a change. They are just random. Enjoy!

Dad's Birthday celebration!

Kailey started driving!


  1. okay I voted you the best blogger ever...I love your blog I wish it were mine and alll of those cute baby pics...I love it

  2. Ok I love this so much you don't even know!!! I am the same Scaredee!! I so love the vidoes!! you should just do tons of those all the time and post them for me!


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