Monday, September 28, 2009


My husband is absolutely obsessed with sports! He has ESPN on as much as possible, he texts during church to find out scores and he has already named our dog (which we haven't even bought) after a football player. Sometimes I get sick of hearing and seeing sports all the time and sometimes its really cute because it brings out the kid in him. When he knows a Seahawks game is going to be on he will run upstairs and come back down with his Seahawks shirt on and a football in hand. He stands up during the whole game and sometimes even acts out a play he just saw. Thats when I can't help but love it.

So Chris found some Seahawks tickets on sale for a good price on When he was asking if we could buy some and go to a game he just looked up at me with hopeful eyes and said "it would be a dream come true". So we planned it all out and were really excited we had found a way we didn't have to worry about parking since that is one of the worst parts about doing things in the city. We decided to ride the sounder which is the train that goes through a bunch of cities. We thought it was a perfect way to avoid $30 parking and Seattle traffic.
We got to the train station at a perfect time so we would get to the game a half hour early. The guy there helped us get our tickets. He asked "you going to the game?" we told him we were and he said "so you want round trip tickets?" of course we got them and took our place waiting for the train. We got to leave our car right there so it would be waiting for us when we got back. Perfect plan right? WRONG!

So it was a fun ride and as soon as we got to Seattle we thought we would check what time we would need to be back to get on a train home. We couldn't find a schedule so we found a woman in uniform and asked "what time is the last train leaving?" and she said "6:15...right now...the one you just got off of is the last one of the night!" So we were basically stranded in Seattle if we didn't hop right back on. We freaked out a little bit but then just laughed our way into the stadium because our "perfect" plan wasn't so "planned out" afterall. This is why it is so great to have family members around that are there for you when you need it. Kimmie so kindly drove around Seattle and picked us up and my Mom met halfway and picked us up from there and took us to our car that was waiting at the train station. At least the Seahawks won!

There is just one thing that keeps bugging me...WHY DID THE GUY AT THE SUMNER TRAIN STATION ASK IF WE WANTED ROUND TRIP TICKETS IF THERE WAS NO TRAIN BACK? He knew we were just going to the game...he let us pay full price and everything. I don't get it...but I guess thats the kind of thing that makes experiences like these memorable.


  1. That is the funniest thing ever! I love it! Why would that guy do that? you should go back and talk to him and be like what were you thinking!

  2. Melissa! I am so glad that I found your blog. This sounds like such a fun day. Luckily you had family in town or that would have really been a sad day. Hope all is well!


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