Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Expertise

I love how pretty much every person that watches TV becomes some kind of expert. Have you ever realized that? We somehow instantly become an expert on whatever it is that we are watching TV about. I have realized lately watching America's Next Top Model...I critique every pose and facial expression, and Project Runway...I don't just share my opinions but I think I know why that would "never sell in a store", and American Idol...everyone suddenly is an expert in the music industry, talking about "that song was just too safe" or "their range just isn't wide enough" or "they won't sell any CDs with songs like that". It's funny how we see others and can so clearly see what they need to do to be successful but we can't see it in ourselves. That's because things are easier said than done. I have noticed it with other types of things too. Like guys watching a sports game..they constantly talk about how "you should've caught that" and what "they" would do if they were in the game. Like its so easy. Haha!

I seriously get a kick out of it now! I catch myself turning into an expert. Then I remember that the people on TV are out there doing something that they may not be good at or that makes them look stupid but I am the one sitting in my living room on the couch just watching them on TV. - Just sharing a thought.

So since I am a modeling expert (yeah right!) I helped teach my stepsister and her friends how to model then we did a little makeup and a photoshoot for her birthday. Chris and I were taking some pictures beforehand to practice...


  1. Such the beautiful couple! am just so you know I am rreally am an expert on things i watch not just trying to be :)

  2. how insightful!... it made me want to get off my dumb computer seat and do something with my day... but... apparently my stubbornness is stronger than your motivational speaking because... alas... here i sit


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