Monday, October 19, 2009

Turnin 50!

I know that every other family member posted on Mom's 50th birthday celebration but I decided that I am going to post too because I have some cute pictures! It turned out to be a lot of fun and I think Mom felt special and loved on her big birthday!

Since Scott is taking her on a week-long California vacation during her birthday week we thought we would just have one special night with just the kids since it is a special birthday. We were originally going to do a big surprise party but Mom caught on to the idea and BEGGED not to have a party so we planned something more simple.

Kimmie, Kailey, Scottee, Chris and I picked her up and brought some birthday headbands for the girls. We car danced on our way over to South Hill for dinner. We planned on going to TGIFridays but when we got there we discovered it was closed down...oops. So we hit up Red Robin. Our special activity of the night was 50 memories from your 50 years. Each of the kids came up with 10 memories of Mom and we had her read them throughout the dinner. It was fun reliving all the memories! The Red Robin crew brought her balloons and sang to her and we had a great dinner! She loved the Miche bag that we all got for her. Its the comes with magnetic covers so you can change the cover whenever you want and it turns into a whole new purse. Back at her house we had some more singing and cake!

Before cake we stopped to check out our new place! We nicknamed it THE CAVE!

We missed THE LOTTS! It would have been even better with you there! But I took some videos just for you!


  1. Cute mama! Ya, you like how I've just been blogstalking you for the last few months! ha :) We are living in South Hill/Puyallup. Where are you living?

  2. i miss my fam!!! thaks so much for the viedos i loved the apartment one it looks great!

  3. Your videos are always so fun to watch!


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