Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Season!

We have just been startin the HoLiDaYs off right! I'm feeling chatty so you probably should skip this one if you don't want the details of my life :) We had such a great Thanksgiving over at my Mom's house in Bonney Lake! The night before we had everyone go see New Moon since we're all fans! It was way fun and I made homemade caramel popcorn for the first time. Quite an experience! The next day was a really chill day. Chris got up early and played in the Turkey Bowl in the pouring rain. And I was in charge of dessert so I was up baking all morning. Just slaving away. We had dinner in the afternoon...everything was delicious! My Mom is always really fun and creative at holidays. We had a Mayflower centerpiece with MM's in it so I was happy. We busted out our old Thanksgiving song that we learned when we were little kids (I'm sure Chris was wondering what he got himself into) and we had a competition to see who could make the best turkey noise. Pretty entertaining! My chocolate pumpkin pie dessert didn't turn out like I wanted but my corn on the cob cookies seemed to be a hit! After the meal we assumed the post meal position (meaning we crashed on the floor, too full to move) we played catch phrase which eventually turned into the girls watching Scottee and Chris play NBA live on the PS3. When we went home I thought I was being all good trying to start a new traddy and busted out a "Thanksgiving journal"! I thought we could start with our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and write about what we were thankful for that particular year so we could reflect on what happens through the years. Chris was not feelin it at all but he found some words deep in the goodness of his heart to add to the journal. YES! Tradition started!

Since Chris had to work early the next morning we decided to just go to Marysville to visit the Hayes fam for the weekend instead of Thanksgiving day so we had more time. So we left around noon Friday and drove up to Marys. It was a great weekend getaway and good to see Alyssa and Michelle (Chris' sister and Mom)...oh and a cute plump and shaggy Murphy. We did some black Friday shopping, went out to Red Robin (so delish I want my usual right now) and went to the movies. We saw The Blind Side and it was amazing! We all absolutely loved it! If I felt like going into a movie review right now I would convince you to see it but its not the time so I will just give it 5 stars! Chris got his madden playing time in while I got caught up on magazines (they seem to always have a bunch of good ones I need to read). I got some one on one shopping time with my Mom-in-law. She bought us the most amazing candle! It smells exactly like rainbow chip cake batter. And it even has little sprinkles in it! I love! So anyway, it was a fun shopping trip and we decided to rent a movie for us to watch at night. We looked EVERYWHERE for four Christmases and finally had to settle for Year One. I fell asleep during it like usual and had the best night's sleep. Successful trip! They are always fun and funny and its just a good time. So we are glad we are able to just drive the hour and 15 mins up whenever we want. This Thanksgiving I was thankful that we have the mother ship of both of our families so close. We are so lucky!


Monday, November 16, 2009


We started advertising our website today!

We have one shipment up and more to come!

We're really excited about everything!

We also have a Sassy Pose Blog that you can follow (there is a link on this page)

We're still making changes to the website because we're new at this.

Hope you like it!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Starting the Sassy Biz!

I am just REALLY excited about what my sister Kimmie and I are getting into right now. We decided to go into business together and sell our products online. We are starting with jewelry, handbags and SHOES! You can already tell by that last word being in all caps that I am probably going to be our best customer. I'm a sucker for some hot heels!

We came up with the idea because of all the things we have been learning about online marketing and such through the work we have been doing. I actually planned a different business for different members of our family. We are going to be starting Kailey's Babysitting business and Mom's crafty business soon too!

We are not out to make millions of dollars here. We just thought it would be a good experience to build something from scratch and have fun doing it. We've been doing research, making orders from wholesalers and planning the website and marketing.

The whole point of selling the products is to provide cute and sassy pieces that are inexpensive to girls with our similar style. We went through and picked out everything that we like basically. We also got our little sister's opinions for their age group. We're starting with accessories and are going to start adding clothes gradually. Let me just tell you that I am in LOVE with bracelets right now and there are going to be some fantastic ones in the first order.

We are also starting a blog that goes along with the biz. Its going to include posts about the looks we are loving and also weekly featured items that may be a special on the website and how to wear them and things like that. The website and blog are going to go up within this next week so check back and I'll post all the info. You can also let us know what you are looking for and we will try to include it in our upcoming orders!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

His, Mine and Ours

I consider this time of year the winter. Its not really supposed to start until December but I consider winter months to be Nov.- Jan. I usually hate this time because I am in Rexburg where you pretty much have to hibernate until June but now that I am in a place with better weather! It started getting chilly just recently and I have decided to enjoy this season because it means the start of a lot of my favorite things! Here are some things we love and what we have been spending our time on lately...

Chris loves weekly football and talks about it constantly but NBA Basketball started this week and Chris is even more excited about that. That's a great thing about this season is that there is always a game to watch to stay entertained while we're stuck inside. I'm always a MAVS fan and Chris is Celtics all the way! We might need to ban TV on the nights they play each could get violent :)

I love when its chilly outside. Chilly enough to wear warm comfy clothes but not so cold you have to bundle up. I am loving pulling knee high boots on and cute jackets and sweaters. Winter clothes are the best because its cute to be comfortable too. I am loving planning outfits with scarves, jackets and hats. I also love baking and scrapbooking in the winter. Oh I LOVE even talking about it now. My favorite day is just staying inside and lighting a great smelling candle, turning on some music and baking goodies! YES I can't wait!

We are absolutely obsessed with this beauty...

It's called a Cocomotion and it is pretty much the best invention ever. You just put in the water and hot cocoa mix and push the button and it stirs and heats for you. I introduced Chris to it last month and now he loves making Hot Chocolate all the time. Its going to be like our morning coffee this season.

My mother in law Michelle sent us a cute Halloween card with Moolah so we could go out to eat to celebrate. We decided to try a new place since we love teriyaki places and there aren't any really good ones around here. We found a little Teriyaki place called Mo Doo #2 and we fell in love. It smells weird on the inside and there are random fish and christmas lights on the wall but the food was so good so that is prob where we are gonna become regulars for the winter.

We're also so excited to celebrate all the holidays and spend time with our families. Its great to be in Washington! There will be more stories and pics to come!