Sunday, November 1, 2009

His, Mine and Ours

I consider this time of year the winter. Its not really supposed to start until December but I consider winter months to be Nov.- Jan. I usually hate this time because I am in Rexburg where you pretty much have to hibernate until June but now that I am in a place with better weather! It started getting chilly just recently and I have decided to enjoy this season because it means the start of a lot of my favorite things! Here are some things we love and what we have been spending our time on lately...

Chris loves weekly football and talks about it constantly but NBA Basketball started this week and Chris is even more excited about that. That's a great thing about this season is that there is always a game to watch to stay entertained while we're stuck inside. I'm always a MAVS fan and Chris is Celtics all the way! We might need to ban TV on the nights they play each could get violent :)

I love when its chilly outside. Chilly enough to wear warm comfy clothes but not so cold you have to bundle up. I am loving pulling knee high boots on and cute jackets and sweaters. Winter clothes are the best because its cute to be comfortable too. I am loving planning outfits with scarves, jackets and hats. I also love baking and scrapbooking in the winter. Oh I LOVE even talking about it now. My favorite day is just staying inside and lighting a great smelling candle, turning on some music and baking goodies! YES I can't wait!

We are absolutely obsessed with this beauty...

It's called a Cocomotion and it is pretty much the best invention ever. You just put in the water and hot cocoa mix and push the button and it stirs and heats for you. I introduced Chris to it last month and now he loves making Hot Chocolate all the time. Its going to be like our morning coffee this season.

My mother in law Michelle sent us a cute Halloween card with Moolah so we could go out to eat to celebrate. We decided to try a new place since we love teriyaki places and there aren't any really good ones around here. We found a little Teriyaki place called Mo Doo #2 and we fell in love. It smells weird on the inside and there are random fish and christmas lights on the wall but the food was so good so that is prob where we are gonna become regulars for the winter.

We're also so excited to celebrate all the holidays and spend time with our families. Its great to be in Washington! There will be more stories and pics to come!


  1. I love this post!!! I
    m totally withyou on all the winter stuff....i wish we could use our cocomotion but it's 70 freakin degrees here! I got a cocomototion a couple of months ago at walmart on clearance for 10 bucks! CHACHING!
    P.S. GO MAVS!

  2. Dude - that cocomotion machine looks AMAZING!!! I want it!


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