Sunday, January 17, 2010


I told you to mark my words....WE GOT A PUPPY! As you can see in the previous post...I bought the puppy and gave it to Chris for his birthday. I did so much research to find the best dog that we needed for our family. After many discussions, votes, and debates I decided to go with adopting a Shih Tzu!

I found some Shih Tzu puppies that needed to be adopted from a shelter so that is what I decided to do. While I was waiting to hear from the shelter about when I could come see them I decided to go take a look at another litter that I found available in the area. Everything worked out perfectly because the shelter got back to me and said the puppies had all been adopted and the place where I went had a litter of 5 that needed homes and I consider it a rescue because that place was awful. I wanted to take ALL the puppies out of there. When Kimmie and I picked him up on Chris' birthday we had to take him home immediately and give him a bath because he was dirty and stinky.

I waited to name the pup so Chris could choose the name once he opened his gift. We decided to go with HOUSH! He is named after a Seahawks player T.J. Houshandzedah. We call him Housh..Houshie...Houshy Bar...Houshinhowzer...pretty much anything that comes to mind. We are LOVING him so much!!! He snorts and he plays and he's so loving. We've had him for 6 days and he is already potty trained. He walks to the door when we needs to go and he hasn't had any accidents in THREE DAYS! We love this little guy...he's our little baby.

Kailey is trying to give Houshie brain damage...he was swinging on her hair and she launched him into a box...

More videos for those of you that sadly, don't get to meet him. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The legendary birthday...

MY HUSB is 25! We celebrated Chris' birthday Jan 11th! I like to make all holidays, birthdays, and really any event a BIG deal! So I did everything I could to make it exactly how he wanted. The weekend before we went up to Chris' hometown to spend some time with his family and so he could get spoiled by them! We got to shop, meet a new baby of a family friend and hang out with the fam. He got some customized basketball shoes and shorts that he is so excited about.

On the bday I woke up WAY earlier than usual to make some breaky in bed for the BIRTHDAY BOY. I planned on banana pancakes but my blurry morning eyes and fuzzy morning brain caused me to completely forget what I was doing and the result was some less-than-average plain pancakes, eggs and milk. He loved it because he loves all food!

Chris had to go to school so I set about in accomplishing my surprises. I went and picked up his SURPRISE birthday PUPPY, picked up some other birthday gifts and made his birthday cake exactly how he wanted (diet soda cake with strawberries).

After school and work I took him out to dinner. I thought we would try a new place that he had mentioned he wanted to try... The Hawaiian Grill... which turned out to be AwEsOmE! I felt nervous all dinner because I wanted the surprise to go perfect. Then headed to my Moms for cake and presents. Everyone got him really FANTASTIC gifts (a lot of gift cards to his favorite places). He opened everything and had no idea puppy was waiting downstairs. I was so excited!!! Once the last gift was opened someone said "ok are we ready for cake" when I announced "oh I have ooooone more gift...I'll go get it". I ran downstairs and tried to get puppy in the box but he wasn't having it. I hurried up to give it to Chris so he wouldn't bark and give away the surprise. And you can just watch what happened next in this vid...

Enjoy these pics from the day...
Going to dinner...
Opening presents...


Next post will be all about PUPPY!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's all happenin' in 2010...

I have TONS of New Year's resolutions. There is so much to accomplish in my life and I figure that I am in the PRIME of LIFE right now so I should work on checking a lot off my list. Some of these things I have already done and some I have never. I have been keeping a written list and since this blog is kinda like my journal I will record the goals that aren't the personal ones...
  • Read the Book of Mormon cover to cover
  • Travel to at least one place I have never been
  • Ride a horse
  • Attend the temple at least once a month
  • Visit Texas (and be the favorite Aunt)
  • Completely redecorate our bedroom
  • Replace routine workout with fitness classes
  • Do something dramatic to my hair (long brown or short blonde!)
  • Get my scrapbooks all up to date
  • Try one new recipe a week...for the husb
  • SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE to family, friends, and strangers!
  • Read all the Nicolas Sparks books
  • Add clothing to Sassy Pose stock
I can't WAIT to get started!

P.S. Husbabe's birthday is on Monday and I am going to SPOIL him ROTTEN!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

♥'d it!

We had the GREATEST Christmas vacation in St. George! Pretty much all of my other family members with blogs have given a detailed account of what we did with pictures AND video so you can read/see those HERE, HERE or HERE!
And I will share some of the highlights from our trip:

Spending time with Juicy Bug (Lucy)- Our FAVORITE Niece
Chocolate Milk Pong
Hot tubbing
Christmas gift exchange (He is absolutely OBSESSED with the fancy ball he won)
Spa treatments at Bria's!
Games and great food
Hanging out with the Southwicks

Family softball and basketball
Exploring Dixie Rock
Meeting SO much family I hadn't met
BUFFETS (he's still talking about cinnamon pull-aparts)

Insanity ride
Water massage
Started my card collection

It was HEAVEN! We love our families so much and LOVE that they provide a way for us to have amazing holidays...everytime!Some of MY gang!

Some of HIS gang!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A lil addition to the fam...

No i'm not pregnant...I-WANT-A-PUPPY! I'm being smart and not JUST getting the cutest puppy because i know they are only going to be a puppy for a lil while. I'm researching and deciding who will be the best dog to fit into our lil f.a.m.i.l.y!

Right now i am considering these three and talking to the owners...

Llasa Apso


Mini Aussie Shepherd

It's too hard! I am already the world's worst decision maker. I can't choose! But mark my of these lil guys will be ours. Soon!

next we will need help naming him...