Sunday, January 17, 2010


I told you to mark my words....WE GOT A PUPPY! As you can see in the previous post...I bought the puppy and gave it to Chris for his birthday. I did so much research to find the best dog that we needed for our family. After many discussions, votes, and debates I decided to go with adopting a Shih Tzu!

I found some Shih Tzu puppies that needed to be adopted from a shelter so that is what I decided to do. While I was waiting to hear from the shelter about when I could come see them I decided to go take a look at another litter that I found available in the area. Everything worked out perfectly because the shelter got back to me and said the puppies had all been adopted and the place where I went had a litter of 5 that needed homes and I consider it a rescue because that place was awful. I wanted to take ALL the puppies out of there. When Kimmie and I picked him up on Chris' birthday we had to take him home immediately and give him a bath because he was dirty and stinky.

I waited to name the pup so Chris could choose the name once he opened his gift. We decided to go with HOUSH! He is named after a Seahawks player T.J. Houshandzedah. We call him Housh..Houshie...Houshy Bar...Houshinhowzer...pretty much anything that comes to mind. We are LOVING him so much!!! He snorts and he plays and he's so loving. We've had him for 6 days and he is already potty trained. He walks to the door when we needs to go and he hasn't had any accidents in THREE DAYS! We love this little guy...he's our little baby.

Kailey is trying to give Houshie brain damage...he was swinging on her hair and she launched him into a box...

More videos for those of you that sadly, don't get to meet him. :)


  1. love him! next comes baby!!
    i got a dog to hold my hunger over....six months later i was pregnant and still had a cute dog!!

  2. He is so cute Melissa!!!!! Great pick. :-)

  3. Melissa he is soooooo sweet!!!! I WANT ONE!!!! You and your hubs are freaking adorable. You guys should be on an ambercrombie add or something ;) Looks like you're doing wonderful and fabulous!!!! I'm going to start following your cute blog!!!



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