Monday, January 4, 2010

A lil addition to the fam...

No i'm not pregnant...I-WANT-A-PUPPY! I'm being smart and not JUST getting the cutest puppy because i know they are only going to be a puppy for a lil while. I'm researching and deciding who will be the best dog to fit into our lil f.a.m.i.l.y!

Right now i am considering these three and talking to the owners...

Llasa Apso


Mini Aussie Shepherd

It's too hard! I am already the world's worst decision maker. I can't choose! But mark my of these lil guys will be ours. Soon!

next we will need help naming him...


  1. I vote the Mini Aussie Shepherd they are so much better at the training thing and would be better with kids....FYI have a baby instead if you get a puppy you will need to wait until it's all grown to have a baby they are too much work to do both at once

  2. the first one is the cutest but that one and the shepherd are going to have the fur all over so the middle one is what I would pick but also I heard that shepherds are really smart so that would be the best pick so you could train them good luck...they are all darling at this age..

  3. k MY vote is the Mini Aussie or the pap/chi... the other one looks too grandma
    I'd say that the Pap/Chi gets like amber votes... and the Mini Aussie gets 10 amber votes..
    very close


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