Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have to admit...

i am a teensie weensie bit addicted to IKEA and PIER 1....and pottery barn and Rod&Vinyl..etc etc....but mostly the first two. No I don't shop there all the time and spend tons of money (i wish!) but I know I am addicted because i visit the websites...lets just say...often. I have been coveting tons and tons of things... BIG things. But there are two things i want in particular. small things. the kinds of things that might not make a huge difference to a room but i haven't been able to get them off my mind since i saw them in store.

ooooohhh...V-Day is coming up...too bad my hubster doesn't even read this blog...maybe there will be a note in his bag of protein tomorrow requesting that he pay it a visit.... ;)

I decided to redecorate my living room and have a couple of really nice zebra pieces as accents. So far I have a beautiful throw pillow on the couch and a vase by the i think this is PERFECT for the coffee table (without that fug glass...i want to do a candlescape on it)...

This picture doesn't do it justice. This is SO gorgeous and just the perfect medium size...I don't even have a place for it...i just WANT it!


What up?