Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two down and one left by me...

I'm MAD that my sister and best friend KIMMIE has decided to leave me....I mean Washington. Maybe SAD is a better word for the situation. But I am MAD that my life plans of having all three sisters living by me my whole life is not working out. We're all supposed to live within 10 minutes of each other, have husbands that are best friends, and have kids at exactly the same time that will be best friends growing up. That's realistic right? Not so much...nothing has been working for us so far.
My life IS my boys...Chris and Houshie....but what about when I need a GIRLfriend? At least I have my Mom...when she's not being pulled in 50 directions. And I know I can count on Kailey being here until she graduates high school. But I will still miss my KIZ KAT!
Kimmie has decided to move to St. George, UT. She just flew in last night from being there for her 2 week trial period and is packing up her stuff and leaving tomorrow. Kimmie is my one and only girlfriend! I am going to miss scrapbooking parties, shopping trips, errand runs, SassyPose plans, having a relief society partner, my personal chef, and deep talker. But that's the way life goes. I guess I really can't control everything.

In writing this post I came to reazlie that I can't be mad at you sisses...but I am furious with the States of TEXAS and UTAH for taking you from me. Love you both!


  1. I am MAD TOO!! Why did you have to leave TEXAS! we were all here then i was there then you were there and now i'm here and we should all be! stupid growing up!

  2. Why is it so hard to keep sisters together??? And WHY is it so hard to find cool girly friends after getting hitched???? I don't get it. But it's the way it is!!!

    Sorry girl. I'm in the same boat with all of my sisters hundreds of miles away!!!!

  3. I'm mad too....I lost my mom and sister and now my girls are leaving....I think I will cry or maybe just spit!......


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