Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had the most UNBELIEVABLE thing happen today!!! In order for it to be unbelieveable you have to read the post I posted right below this one..about the tray and chandelier.

So back to the unbelieveable...I was sitting in my living room and posted that blog...about 2 minutes later...LITERALLY 2 MINUTES...about 120 seconds(!)later I see Houshie getting excited because someone is at the sliding door. So I walk up to open the door and I see my MOM holding....drumroll please.....A BIG Pier 1 bag!!! I was shocked and speechless BECAUSE inside the bag waaaaaasss....THE ZEBRA TRAY! what?!

How did that just happen? I need you to realize that I wasn't just talking to her about the tray...I mean she was with me when I first saw it but that was WEEKS ago and she hadn't seen that blog because I posted it two minutes before she showed up to my door! So I don't know how that happened but I'm convinced its one of these three options:

1. My mom has superpowers and can read my thoughts
2. The power of THE SECRET (i HAVE been sending
out tons of thoughts to the universe)
3. Mother's Intuition (my vote :))

No matter which it is I am just so thankful for my RAD MOM and that she loves helping me decorate and that she loves me and she knows my LOVE LANGUAGE! SHE IS AMAZING! Thank you Mom!


  1. Now I am sitting by my door waiting for mom to show up with all the perfect stuff for me because lets face it, my apartment is a DISASTER! The secret is NOT working for me... come on brain waves...

  2. See Mel there are benefits to having your sisters move so far away! Mom can fill her needs to help us decorate and get our places cute by actually doing things like that with you :)

  3. that is unbelievably LUCKY!!! i would like to see pics of you cute little place ASAP! so glad the pier 1 gods are on your side...wish they were on mine, i too LOOOOOVVVVEEE that freakin place!

  4. how fun is it to be happy together...Mom

  5. LOVES IT!! That is reminiscent of the Ottoman story!


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