Saturday, February 20, 2010


I l♥ved Valentine's Day because my boyfriend-husband-lover-guy is awesome. We celebrated on Monday since Sunday was Sunday and we were just getting back into town. Chris brought me pink and red tulips and told me he planned our date and kept it a surprise! He took me to downtown Seattle right to Pike's Place market!

He had found a hole-in-the-wall type of hidden place that we had never heard of (and couldn't find..haha) to make it fun and different. He was so excited because now we would have 'our place' that wasn't just like a Red Robin or something. It was called the Pink Door. It was romantic and had this cool classy-kinda old fancy atmosphere. We sat right next to an old piano on a small stage and a wall with a bunch of different mirrors and picture frames. We had a little lit tea light on our two person table. There was also a big hoop in the middle of the restuarant that was supposed to be for the trapeze artist that randomly does an act during dinner (the reason Chris was excited about this place). We were an hour too early for the act but it was still amazing italian food. Very delish! After dinner we walked around and looked at all the vendors and saw the cool different places. We walked out to check out the view of the water and it was so beautiful!

A homeless man stopped us and talked to us for about five minutes. He was missing an eye and an arm and was asking us if we could spare any money so he could get something to eat. He was so sweet because he wasn't crazy or pushy or anything. He asked us questions about ourselves and thanked us for making him feel like a human. I feel so bad for him and wished I had some money to make him feel loved for Valentine's day but we had zero cash. I seriously contemplated going back to find him and give him a meal. I hope to see that one-eyed man again someday.

So after that we headed back. We decided to make a new Valentine's tradition of searching for the best milkshake. So every V-day we will go to a different place and order two different flavors so we can find the most amazing milkshakes in the world!!! This year we went to the Dairy Freeze since we had to start with someplace close. We got Oreo and Strawberry and they were good but not great....all of my oreo was at the bottom...ugg. Can't wait for that traddy to continue next year...

Then we rushed off to the theatre to see Valentine's Day (how appropriate!). Cute movie. Finished it off with a little HIMYM (my gift to him)! Loved the day and loved my husband even more after it!

Enjoy our cheesy poses that I make us do...its for the memories okay...


  1. You guys are soooo cute and totally remind me of our non baby days. I love it! Keep on doing what you're doing!!!! Making memo's is the best and you will never regret it, no matter how cheesy it seems att he moment!!!
    Mel and Curt

  2. LOVES IT... you guys are over the top cheesy cute and that makes me soo happy! Thanks for bloggin!

  3. Love the Tradxies!!!! Next time I'm there maybe we should start a Traddy of finding one-eye-guy.


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