Sunday, March 21, 2010


On March 20th I turned 24! It was a fantastic day and we did everything i wanted...which I love! Chris woke me up early (SO early that my eyes didnt work yet) with breakfast in bed (my fave tradition).
It was a BEAUTIFUL day (best we've had all year) so we decided to go to the ZOO!!! It was so fun because I haven't been there for years. We were noticing how we were the only people there as just a couple without any kids and even though it looked fun to take kids around to see the animals, we decided we would enjoy this time in our life when we can walk around as fast as we want, going wherever we want without finding a stroller ramp and just spending time together. It was awesome!

We went early so we could watch the sharks get fed (for some reason i was as excited as a giddy schoolgirl to see that...) I thought it was funny that there was a girl right up front watching very intently and the back of her hoodie said SHARK GIRL...i have a feeling she comes to every show...

These pengies were the cutest things...the girl was laying her head on his shoulder the whole time.

Husband's favorite animale is the Polar Bear

Elephante is SMILING!

Birthday night my Mom hosted a birthday dinner for the fam! It was superb and the table was set so cute!

Scottee graced us with his presence. Isn't Mom looking skinny and hot!!!?

Opening presents! As I am getting older I am loving how gifts actually mean so much to me. And not just the 'getting stuff' but appreciating the thought behind it and knowing someone went out of their way to make my day special. It meant so much to me everytime i saw a text, facebook, goodies at my door, phone call, cards...everything! Thank you all!

And now for the presentation of....drrrruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmroooooooooollllll...


I loved my cake made of all my favorite desserts.

7 layers (from bottom): Brownie, raw cookie dough, congo bar, raw cookie dough, brownie, frosting and candy bar chunks (reeses, snick, and twix!)

Family photo session:

Getting ready for the canoe ride...

We had a canoe race with me, Kailey, Chris and Houshie in one and Scottee and Trevor in the other. Good times good times!

Vids of the day:


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! One of my favorites and that dessert ROCKS THE HOUSE!!! I think I dreamed I was eating it already.

  2. YUMMMMMMMOOOOO!!!! oh my gosh, i need to try that cake... and cute shoes, and happy birthday!

  3. My thoughts are...
    - You look super cute that whole day, is that a n new purse on your shoulder?
    - Thank you Chris for wearing your safari shirt to the zoo and mel for Sassy Pose animaling it up... very appropriate
    - Mom's face is so skinny! wierd but she looks even younger than she already looked!
    - Make that chocolate heaven for me...
    - AND- who got you those shoes- mom- i need some!

  4. You soooo need to post that cake receipe! Good night, I'm drooling! :-) Glad your birthday was so wonderful!

  5. Melissa you are the queen of making every event in your life fun for are officially the traddy queen...I love that about you.........................Happy birthday again and again and again!!!!

  6. what a fun bday!!!!!! girl- i am beginning to think our names aren't the only things we have in common! we should have hung out more in the good ol days!!!!


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