Monday, March 15, 2010


i. love. baking. because. i. love. eating. sweets.
lately i have been making ALL the family birthday cakes. and its been fun!

Moms 50th - chocolate- my first made from scratch!

Kailey's 16th - She wanted a palm tree (weirdie)...rainbow chip!

Chris' 25th - White two layer w/ strawbs and cream cheese frost

So i decided to make my own cake this year. and i have planned the ULTIMATE.
its going to be a conglomerate of all my favorite desserts. and it will be amazing!
my mouth is watering right now. these may not look so pretty but the taste is what matter. stay tuned to see it.
Maybe its because i have been eating healthy that i am dreaming about desserts lately. hmm. quotes to live by...

"Nothing is better than a perfect fitting pair of jeans EXCEPT eating so much chocolate that you can't fit into them" - my motto (should i be embarrassed that i am quoting myself?)

"Everytime i say the word diet i wash my mouth out with chocolate" - sign in my kitchen

"Life is dessert first" - another sign in my kitch (i have an addiction)

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  1. you are so good! Very creative I lov eyour posts always!


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