Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wiki wiki weekend!

This past weekend we spent some time with our families...I took a little road trip to Yakima with my hot mama for my cousins State Dance Competition and Chris went up to Marysville to visit the Hayes' and take a little trip to court for a ticket he got. We both had a great time but still... its sad to be apart from my boys.

So we drove my moms cute new mini cooper down to Yakima having some good mother/daughter time. We stayed at a hotel with the whole Mountain View dance team plus my Aunt Kailyn and Grandma Smith. It was fun visiting with relatives that I don't get to see often. The morning of the competition we got to help do hair and makeup and then spent about 8 hours at the SunDome watching all the dancers and change the hair after a dance. It was great stuff! The girls were awesome and we were so proud of Brookie and Taira!

Brookie and Kailyn at the competition:

Chris spent some time with his family watching March Madness, shopping with his Mom, playing Xbox and forgeting to go to court {slipped his mind.whoops..} His Mom sent home an AWESOME Easter package back for the two of us! I love when that happens! It was filled with the BEST stuff- so many candles, and plug in scents, all kinds of chocolate, easter decorations, another season of HIMYM {yay! marathon!}, socks, a new wallet for husb, and just so many fun cute fillers! What a good surprise to come home to.

Today we taught our last lessons in our classes at church. I love my Sunday School class so I prepared a fun lesson with lots of treats for Easter. You can see my cute easter basket cupcakes that some of the kids are holding I liked teaching Sunday School to the 12-13 year old a lot more than I thought I would. I'll miss it.

We are moving in just 4 days! We're packing up all week and taking off on Thursday for St.George for the weekend. All the Conner kids will be in St. George this weekend plus Lucy so we are really looking forward to that. AND Chris' bro and grandparents live there so we know its gonna be a good time. Then the beginning of next week we will finish our trip down to Arizona. We are looking forward to all the new experiences we are going to have and making a new place our home for now!


  1. I think you guys should swing by Rexburg on your way down! You could meet Mike then! :D

  2. love the pics...we are hot! and loved you talking about your class.....I miss you already Mom


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