Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Extra Amazing

Chris works ALL THE TIME now so I was so happy to get to spend some time with him last weekend. Although he did have to work about 6 hours on Saturday which was his DAY OFF we got to do some special things together. I love that man so much! And even though we did things that weren't out of the ordinary I hardly got to see him last week so our time together was EXTRA AMAZING.

It started with IKEA! IF Mormons practiced polygamy [we don''re welcome for the knowledge] and IF I was a man [I'm not] and IF it were possible to marry a store [let me check on that one] then I would marry IKEA! It's love people. I could spend hours in there and I believe we did on Saturday. We got the bedding and curtains that I have been dreaming about and plenty of other decor. And Chris got to hit up the food court so all in all it was a great time.

That night was date night! Ideal Date Night for the Hayes' : Subway (him) and a Movie (me)! We got some subs and went to see the movie Date Night which Chris pretty much pee laughed his way through. I was feeling awkward being at a movie without chocolate on hand [yes I ate the entire bag of PB M's by then] but it was a good time and a funny movie.

[Side Story: In the car at the theatre I ,of course, say we have to take a pic. Its so funny to me how Chris gets all stressed out when he is on the side that has to take the picture because he says he cant ever do it right.] Here is how they turned out...
Picture 1 - Me -"What is your hand doing?!"

Picture 2 - Me laughing at his hand in the first one and 1/2 of his face

Picture 3 - Chris - " WHY ARE WE GREEN?!"

[needless to say...we didn't take any more pics the rest of the night..haha!]

Sunday we visited the Mesa Temple! It is so gorgeous and I can't wait to see the inside soon. So thankful to be so close to this magnificent place. It is an extra amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


  1. Im jealous... and for ONCE I thought that movie was funny too! please give me pics of that new bed spread thank you please!

  2. I loved Date Night! Nic and I laughed so hard through the whole movie.
    I'm excited to hear how the Mesa Temple is! That is my favorite temple. It always reminds me of what I think King Solomon's temple looked like.

  3. What? No chocolate?!? Whatever happened to Kit Kat bites, anyway?


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