Monday, April 12, 2010

i dig it.

We have been in Arizona for one week now and i gotta say... we're feelin it. I know some people have their opinions on the heat and how "you're gonna be singing a different tune once its 500 degrees outside" but i don't care to hear those opinions. This place is fitting us like an expensive pair of jeans. 'Why?' you ask. Well i'll tell you...
  • The nights - It is so relaxing here at night. It's calm and beautiful with Palm trees against the sky. It cools down a lot but not to where its chilly. Just the perfect temperature to just hang out on the patio or just dip your feet into the hot tub.

  • The friendly people - Everyone is so friendly here...people just talk to us like they know us. When we were first moving all our stuff in a lady driving by waved her hands and yelled WELLLLCCOOOOME. I loved it! And when i was walking out of the pool one day (and i have to point out that i was hunched over and walking like Quasimodo) a small group of people i would normally wrongfully label as 'dangerous looking' gave me a little 'hey how ya doing'...with a smile! Warmed my heart a little. I think the sun just makes people happy.

  • The food places - Reason enough for me to be here! The first night we were here we ate at Chili's since its my favorite restaurant and we dont have one in WA...and to my sheer amazement i found many other faves in that very shopping center that i haven't had in other places i have lived... Chick-fil-a, LL's (Chris' fave hawaiian place that he hasn't seen since living in HI), In-n-out, Pei Wei, Texas Roadhouse..and i'm sure we'll discover more.

One of our first meals here....Chicken sandwiches and 44 oz powerades!

  • The Circle K - This one needed its own description because of its magnitude. Ever since we left Rexburg we have been trying to replace our beloved Horkley's where we got GIANT fountain drinks daily for only 65 cents. We (especially husb who can drink a case of Rockstars in a week) need A LOT to drink so it makes a huge difference when we find a place that meets our needs. When we got to AZ we found The Circle K which offers 44 ouncers for 79 cents! can go on! Now every night we say...should we stop by the Circ? Yeah...we're cool like that.

  • The palm trees, mountains and cactus -When we were on our way to an appointment to rent we saw a beautiful skyline with mountains in the distance and palm trees up close and i told Chris "i have a good feeling because i think going towards palm trees and mountains is a sign of good luck"...i don't know where these things come from. But now we believe it because our new apartment is right in that area. I'm obsessed with palm trees btw.
  • The freeways - Reminds me of southern CA except without the insane traffic. I love how the freeways here are so wide and open. Wish we had a convertible so I could get the whole experience with the top down and wind throwing my hair all over the place. It just goes together.

So its love. Everyone we know is welcome to come visit us and partake in this joy that is Arizona. And did I mention that our new place, is the same square footage AND quality of our last place in WA but, is $400 less A MONTH!? That's like 800 Snickers (in Scottees words..haha).


  1. 800 SNICKERS!?!?! THAT'S INSANE!! It's almost not worth it, I love me a Snicker, j/k, but seriously I do! AZ is mucho cool!! What part are you guys living in?

  2. I LOVE chick-fil-a! I ate there a ton when we were living in TX. There grilled chicken sandwiches with lettuce, tom, and pickles is the BEST! I craved them during my entire pregnancy!

  3. YYAAYYY!!! We LOVE AZ!!! We have talked about moving there sooo many times! It's like a clean las vegas without so many strippers!! Haha. I am so excited for you guys!!! We visit often so we'll have to give ya a call!

  4. im so glad you like it! ive been wanting to move there when im done with school and you DEFINITELY just helped me confirm it :) loves.

  5. Oh I am so excited for you!! I love it there. When you have a baby you need to go to the place where I did my internship and have them design you a really cute nursery!! I want to come visit!

  6. Halleluah... if you're staying down there, i'm on my way!I haven't had chic fil a in a minute!!

  7. I'm so excited for you! I LOVE Arizona for all the same reasons! And I totally agree, the sun truly makes people happier. You'll have to check out the HUGE mall in Scottsdale, it has basically every store you'll ever need. Plus there's a really cute ice cream parlor close by!

  8. LOVES IT!!! I'll come visit soon!


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