Friday, April 16, 2010

ooh, the trials we face

the ENEMY...


My wonderful mother sent us a package [with the cutest apron- pics to come!] and inside was a LARGE bag of PEANUT BUTTER M&M's. Yum! My biggest weakness!!! I'm not one of those people that feels guilty eating a handful of M&M's. This girl likes to eat. BUUUUT it becomes a problem when I am on my way to eating an ENTIRE 18 OUNCE BAG before Chris is even home from work [did i mention these were supposed to be for him...]. I am working from home so I am going a little crazy knowing those are sitting out in the open in a candy dish just one room over. It's taking all my willpower to not have them sitting in my lap while I am typing this so I can pop them like pills.


1. I can see how fast I can eat the entire dish so they aren't there to tempt me 2. I can create an obstacle between me and the M's so it makes it hard for me to pop a few everytime I walk by [who is going to climb onto the counter and above the cupboards to find the chocolatey prize in a locked caboodle?.....or something along those lines :)] OR 3. Go spend the day working by the pool to create distance and hope the M&M leprechauns visit while I'm gone.

the MORAL:

Sweets should be kept sealed up. Candy Dishes are EVIL. I need to get a hobby.

i hope you got a chuckle out of my misery

Oh the trails we face...


  1. first of all if thye are for chris you should not have opened them hello! second now you will just make him feel bad for eating most of them with out him so you need to remove the evidence by eating them all...why would you want him to feel bad mel why?

  2. i agree with christie, oh make some cookies! OR eat them with popcorn... or just pop those mugs... im stopping by the store on my way home! haha

  3. HaHa! That is so funny! I was laughing so hard when I read this because i am the same way!! If I know there are treats in the house I have to eat them until they are gone. My mom is the same exact way. I have the biggest weakness for treats! Oh, and kimmy, I owe you two bags of candy from scrapbooking (I actually didnt eat them, bj took them)

  4. Bria - I checked with BJ - he didn't know what you are talking about.....

    Min - YUM....just YUM!


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