Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too too much...

to update everyone on. It could take pages so i will have to get into summary mode to get up-to-date with our blog! We left April 1st on our loooooong roadtrip. Found the BIGGEST uhaul trailer we could find and packed it and our trailbeezy full to move down to ArIzOnA!!!

The drive didn't feel as long as it should've [maybe cause i didn't have to drive...LOVE having a designated driver - hehe!] We sang to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack a lot of the time and it took about 14 hours to get to Provo with that dang uhaul.

We got to meet up with Chris' sister Bethany for breakfast and she had a great place for us to try. Called Kneaders and has amazing all-you-can-eat French Toast! my fave!

We got to St. George Friday afternoon. It was an AWESOME weekend!!! I love being with family and especially being with ALL of my siblings together at the same time. I love those peeps so much. We went and saw Scottees new bachelor pad, spent some time at Kimmie's cute apartment, hung out with Dad and Lisa at the Southwicks and at Lisa's Easter brunch AND to top it off we got to do all that with Christie and Lucy [obsessed!] too...who came in from Texas! We have so much fun together and I also love being with all the extended family who are so kind and welcoming every time we are in town. I just love everyone!

Then we got to have an Easter dinner at Chris' grandparents house with some more extended family and his Bro Dan! Good food good people and great place to sleep before the end of our roadtrip.

Monday we took off and made our way down to Mesa, AZ. Another long drive but we made it and began our adventure in this new state. It took us a couple days to find the place we wanted and get everything sorted out with the paperwork. So many hours and one back injury later [worst timing ever for my yearly back injury to just flare up] we are in our place in Chandler, AZ and we are loving it! Well Chris is loving it....I have barely been out of the apartment because i am laying on the floor. Pathetic i know.

I hardly took any of my own pictures because i am having a bad attitude about not having my new camera yet. I'm pretty mad at myself for not getting a picture of Christie HOLDING Housher [she is SO scared of dogs..but she loves him!] So anyway...if you haven't seen the pics on facebook then check em out. Click HERE for our roadtrip pics and HERE for my sister's photo album of the weekend.

Here are some videos for everyone but especially for you Mom. If I would've recorded a little longer on Lucy opening her book you would see her chuck her bottle out of the way and start reading. Sorry. But its still cute.

Leaving WA...

Lucy checkin out her new book...

Scottee's new place...

aaaaand my stupid camera died...

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