Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's like a celebration in a box

My mom-in-law is the package queen! She always has themes and just puts the cutest things in there. Today Chris ran inside all out of breath because he was so excited the package was here that we were told to expect! It was 4th of July themed and she sent it early because there was a Celtics hat in there that Chris obviously needed for the NBA finals.

We spent a good 20 mins puling everything out and were overly excited about each little surprise. Package days are my favorite! You never know what to expect. And now I get to decorate! Thank you Mama Hayes!


Baby Housh got his first fur cut and grooming! It's a good thing too because he couldn't see anything and he was really hot in this Arizona heat. They probably cut off about 3 of his 7 pounds in fur. But he is looking so cute and he has his soft puppy fur back. What a handsome lil guy.



Friday, May 28, 2010

Around now

Well, the Celtics game is on. Chris was standing up in front of the TV the whole first quarter and then realized that because they did so well the first quarter he can't sit down now because then they will start doing bad. So it's now the fourth quarter and he has only sat down during the commercials. Haha! I also just watched him high five KG because KG had his hand up waiting for someone to five him so Chris thought it must be him. Yes, I'm serious. He's part of the brotherhood, what can I say.

This is when I use my time to blog. I like to follow the games but I have to be doing something else at the same time. And since I can't clean the bathroom and watch...I blog! We changed the Sassy Pose blog from being just about Sassy Pose items to being all about different girly topics. Clothes, accessories, crafts, food/recipes, movies, makeup/perfume, pictures.....just everything. If you haven't seen it you should check it out So I am keeping this blog as a Hayes family journal and history and I also write the posts for the Sassy blog. But this one will be more about our daily lives and whats going on with us. I'm glad to have my work all on the computer so I am also able to keep up with the blogs and develop them as we go.

So Chris is getting ready to start his new job on Tuesday! We are so happy about that. Its looking to be a better job than his last's way closer to us, its pays more, and he will be home more! I am still so thankful to be working from home for now. I get to go to the pool, take care of the pup, get stuff done around the apt AND get all my work during the day. Life is good and we can't complain. We have some big plans in the works for the near future that we are excited about. I think we (mostly me) crave change. Chris constantly has to remind me to just enjoy life ... so right now we are just lovin summertime!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Love Bug

We love our little baby boy Houshie! It's so great just having this little lively furry being running around us all the time. We couldn't have found a dog with a better personality! He gets so excited everytime he sees us and makes sure we know it. And he has gotten really smart too! He knows his name and comes running whenever we call him. Today Chris was playing fetch with him and when Chris got bored with it he said "ok no more Houshie" and so he came running over to me with his toy. Kinda like the "Dad said no so I'm gonna ask Mom" thing. And whenever I say "Daddy's home!" he will stare at the front door for a second then run over to be there before he walks in.

He will NEVER be alone. He absolutely has to be with one of us all the time. Even if he is sleeping and I walk into the kitchen then he will pop up and walk in with me then follow me from room to room. He sits outside the bathroom door whenever I'm in the bathroom and greets me with lovies when I come out. My favorite recently is that everytime Chris and I go to hug each other or cuddle on the couch, he comes running over and stands up propped up on our legs. He has to be a part of it!

So thankful for this little guy. He's so good at keeping our baby hunger at bay.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th

May 15th May 15th May 15th! What a fantastic day! Not only is it always the perfect blend of spring and summer weather BUT it is a big day in our family! Especially this year...

Today is the birthday of my amesome mother-in-law Michelle. Doesn't she look too young to have [almost] four kids in their 20s? We are SO happy to have you and wish we could be there and do something special for you today...
I stole this picture bytheway...

It is also the birthday of my lovely sister Kimmie. We have been best friends our whole lives and I can't even believe you are 3 years older than me. I can't wait to see your birthday in a box pictures!

AND it's the FIRST birthday of my favorite and ONLY Niece Lucy Juicy Bug! I HATE that we are not there for Lou Lou's very first birthday but we love her all the same.

Lucy and Kimmie

THIS year May 15th is extra special because it is also the COLLEGE graduation of my brother-in-law Daniel...graduating in Mathematics from University of North Texas Dallas!

I don't have a picture of Daniel graduating yet (obvi) but this is Lucy wearing her "My Dad's a Grad" tutu outfit that is so adorable!

AAAAAND...May 15th is the day my little sister Kailey is performing in her school's play... The Wizard of Oz. She is a jitter bug and Ozian! Wish I could see that jitterbug dance...

So many fun and exciting things for us. BUT there is a down side....we don't get to be there for ANY of the celebrations! :( What a sad...and happy day. So we decided to celebrate on our own because that is what we do. Any excuse to get to celebrate we jump on. So CHEERS to all of you. Know that we are down here in AZ spending the day by the pool, having a BBQ with friends, and drinking celebratory lemonade our of our celebration margarita glasses just. for. you! We LOVE our family so much and you all mean the world to us. Wish you all were down here. LOVE YOU. GOOD JOB. CONGRATS. & HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ...we are expecting pictures from all of you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fear the Clover

We are sitting here watching the Celtics/Cavs play in game 6 and there are so many things other than the game entertaining me right now that all I can do is blog about it...

1. Chris is watching the game on his knees on the floor has decided to do 5 pushups every time the Celtics miss a shot (I think its a superstitous thing)

2. The Celtics just hit a crucial 3 and Chris did a leprechuan dance/jig fist pumping thing(appropriate because the Celts are Irish..haha) which consquently excited Housher and made him chase after his Dad jumping and barking like he knew what was going on and wanted to celebrate with him.

3. Chris' grandma just called during the 4th quarter and Chris is attempting to have a nice I'm-talking-to-my-sweet-Grandma voice while also holding back his need to scream at the TV because stinky Varejao just juiced a foul out of nothing.

4. I could pretty much say anything right now and Chris would act like he's listening when I can tell all he hears is blah blah cha cha blah blah and he just nods his head or waits a minute after I stopped talking and then says "yeah". I'm having a lil too much fun with that one...

Celtics JUST won and are moving on to the next round...I think car alarms are about to start going off from Chris' celebratory cheering! Yes, I LOVE being married to a Sports Fan!

It's a good thing Chris RAAAAN into the room to put on his Celtics jersey before tip off. According to him, if he had put it on ONE second later they would have lost! Go Celts!

Tiny Task

So I have mentioned before how husb gets a lil stressed when I ask him to do a task he thinks he can't do. Things like taking a picture of ourselves or painting one of my nails for me on my right hand. He doesn't have a panick attack or anything he just gets a little tense and you can tell he just wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Then he focuses like he is about to run through the tunnel to play in the superbowl and gets it done. It's pretty friggin cute if you ask me. Because I'm talking about tiny tasks that I know he is fully capable of doing...and doing really well.

Well today I gave him a task- it was to give the Houshie pup a bath! The funny thing...that wasn't any problem for him. He took puppin right in, filled the bath tub, even used a cup to rinse the soap off his head and lovingly told Housh to close his eyes for it (which he obvi didn't do ). So the tiny task came a couple hours later when I went in to shower. I noticed Houshies collar hanging on the shower rod which Chris had put there to dry after the bath. So I ask Chris if he can put his collar back on and I jumped into the shower. That's when I realized it was one of those tasks that he hates.

I heard him getting focused and called for Housh to come into the bathroom. I was listening through just the shower curtain so this is what I hear....... struggling to hold Housh down....collar hitting the floor....Housh trying to get away... "I think we need a bigger collar".... Chris hit his knee on the floor....Houshie shaking.... "HOUSHIE C'MON"..... trying to snap it and failing.... "Babe I think you are gonna have to do this".... Houshie getting really restless....more struggling.... "It's not going on!!!!"..... "I think it's a two person job"....Chris changing positions... "Houshie!!!"...Houshie running out.....Collar hits the counter hard.

So I peeked out and they are both gone and the collar is thrown onto the counter. I was giggling because I knew what was happening. I yell, "You're soooo dramatic!"

A couple minutes later Chris comes in and says "Ok babe I'm going to the gym... I'll be back soon". Kiss. "Bye".

The collar is still on the counter. Laying there just symbolizing utter defeat. I guess he decided to act like that never happened.

I step out of the shower to the puppin looking up at me, wrap a towel around myself, pick up the puppin....pick up the It's on in point 5 seconds! I'm still giggling to myself.

Today Chris ran to the store by himself to buy me tampons and nothing else. THAT is an easy task for him...picked them out and went through check out with tampons. The collar...not so easy. Haha! I love my little family.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No work allowed.

Days off are my FAVORITE!!! I feel like I am just waiting all week to get one day where Chris and I can just do what we want. I'm SO glad we like to be with each other :)

This week's day off we went over to Mesa to check out some things we heard about...

SweetCakes cafe! I wanted to take a picture of the giant cookies we got but once I remembered they were almost gone

Downtown Mesa has the most random statues all along Main Street...we took a lil tour and got a kick out of em...

Afterwards we HAD to hit up the pool o'course. Ohhh my favorite thing in the world is to lay on my pool float in the sun while Chris pulls me around the pool! That's what I imagine heaven to be like :) haha!

Ended the day with dinner and a Redbox. Best day ever!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I was walking outside and there were some tweens hanging out together just talking on the sidewalk. They were pretty awkward because there were boys and girls and they are in that stage where they try to look cool all the time but you can tell even by the way they are standing that they are unsure of themselves. So I walked slowly to hear what kind of awkward conversation was going on and this is what I hear:

Kid 1: What does WWJD stand for?

Kid 2: I think it's 'Whats Wrong With Jermaine Dupri'

Kid 3: I thought it was Jesus....did you know Jesus didn't have a car!?

Kid 4: Said nothing and just tried to look like he knew what they were all talking about.

Hahahaha! Oh the awkwardness! I have no idea what was going on there but I was glad to hear that little snippet and have a lil laugh. The real funny thing is that I know I was exactly like that at one time. So glad I have grown out of that...or at least I hope I have...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


My MOM and her husband SCOTT took a week long road trip and one of their stops was right here in AZ to see their FAVORITES...Me and Chris...obvi! It was a fun quick trip. We did some hot tubbin, eatin out, decorating and spent an evening with the awesome Westergard family!

My favorite part was taking on project: Make a modern, fun, beautiful, stylish headboard for the Hayes Suite! Well not an actual headboard but a wall piece that tricks you into thinking its one. We spent the most time at the fabric and mom concentrating on picking out something perfect while the guys tried to throw their opinions into the mix. We ended up getting something that matched a throw pillow I fell in love with. It turned out perfect and gives our room a complete feeling!
Miss you already...