Friday, May 28, 2010

Around now

Well, the Celtics game is on. Chris was standing up in front of the TV the whole first quarter and then realized that because they did so well the first quarter he can't sit down now because then they will start doing bad. So it's now the fourth quarter and he has only sat down during the commercials. Haha! I also just watched him high five KG because KG had his hand up waiting for someone to five him so Chris thought it must be him. Yes, I'm serious. He's part of the brotherhood, what can I say.

This is when I use my time to blog. I like to follow the games but I have to be doing something else at the same time. And since I can't clean the bathroom and watch...I blog! We changed the Sassy Pose blog from being just about Sassy Pose items to being all about different girly topics. Clothes, accessories, crafts, food/recipes, movies, makeup/perfume, pictures.....just everything. If you haven't seen it you should check it out So I am keeping this blog as a Hayes family journal and history and I also write the posts for the Sassy blog. But this one will be more about our daily lives and whats going on with us. I'm glad to have my work all on the computer so I am also able to keep up with the blogs and develop them as we go.

So Chris is getting ready to start his new job on Tuesday! We are so happy about that. Its looking to be a better job than his last's way closer to us, its pays more, and he will be home more! I am still so thankful to be working from home for now. I get to go to the pool, take care of the pup, get stuff done around the apt AND get all my work during the day. Life is good and we can't complain. We have some big plans in the works for the near future that we are excited about. I think we (mostly me) crave change. Chris constantly has to remind me to just enjoy life ... so right now we are just lovin summertime!

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