Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fear the Clover

We are sitting here watching the Celtics/Cavs play in game 6 and there are so many things other than the game entertaining me right now that all I can do is blog about it...

1. Chris is watching the game on his knees on the floor has decided to do 5 pushups every time the Celtics miss a shot (I think its a superstitous thing)

2. The Celtics just hit a crucial 3 and Chris did a leprechuan dance/jig fist pumping thing(appropriate because the Celts are Irish..haha) which consquently excited Housher and made him chase after his Dad jumping and barking like he knew what was going on and wanted to celebrate with him.

3. Chris' grandma just called during the 4th quarter and Chris is attempting to have a nice I'm-talking-to-my-sweet-Grandma voice while also holding back his need to scream at the TV because stinky Varejao just juiced a foul out of nothing.

4. I could pretty much say anything right now and Chris would act like he's listening when I can tell all he hears is blah blah cha cha blah blah and he just nods his head or waits a minute after I stopped talking and then says "yeah". I'm having a lil too much fun with that one...

Celtics JUST won and are moving on to the next round...I think car alarms are about to start going off from Chris' celebratory cheering! Yes, I LOVE being married to a Sports Fan!

It's a good thing Chris RAAAAN into the room to put on his Celtics jersey before tip off. According to him, if he had put it on ONE second later they would have lost! Go Celts!


  1. That's not weird...they DID win cuz of Chris - a well deserved victory for all of them!

  2. Melissa! I am loving hearing about all these great stories! It makes me miss you guys tons. I can't wait to see you in July at the family reunion where you will get to meet Mike. So exciting. lol Love you!


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