Saturday, May 1, 2010


My MOM and her husband SCOTT took a week long road trip and one of their stops was right here in AZ to see their FAVORITES...Me and Chris...obvi! It was a fun quick trip. We did some hot tubbin, eatin out, decorating and spent an evening with the awesome Westergard family!

My favorite part was taking on project: Make a modern, fun, beautiful, stylish headboard for the Hayes Suite! Well not an actual headboard but a wall piece that tricks you into thinking its one. We spent the most time at the fabric and mom concentrating on picking out something perfect while the guys tried to throw their opinions into the mix. We ended up getting something that matched a throw pillow I fell in love with. It turned out perfect and gives our room a complete feeling!
Miss you already...

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  1. I am dying to come back...I miss houshy as much as you all.....I need to come and lay out in the back and am cold and dreary the head board...MOM


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