Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Love Bug

We love our little baby boy Houshie! It's so great just having this little lively furry being running around us all the time. We couldn't have found a dog with a better personality! He gets so excited everytime he sees us and makes sure we know it. And he has gotten really smart too! He knows his name and comes running whenever we call him. Today Chris was playing fetch with him and when Chris got bored with it he said "ok no more Houshie" and so he came running over to me with his toy. Kinda like the "Dad said no so I'm gonna ask Mom" thing. And whenever I say "Daddy's home!" he will stare at the front door for a second then run over to be there before he walks in.

He will NEVER be alone. He absolutely has to be with one of us all the time. Even if he is sleeping and I walk into the kitchen then he will pop up and walk in with me then follow me from room to room. He sits outside the bathroom door whenever I'm in the bathroom and greets me with lovies when I come out. My favorite recently is that everytime Chris and I go to hug each other or cuddle on the couch, he comes running over and stands up propped up on our legs. He has to be a part of it!

So thankful for this little guy. He's so good at keeping our baby hunger at bay.


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