Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th

May 15th May 15th May 15th! What a fantastic day! Not only is it always the perfect blend of spring and summer weather BUT it is a big day in our family! Especially this year...

Today is the birthday of my amesome mother-in-law Michelle. Doesn't she look too young to have [almost] four kids in their 20s? We are SO happy to have you and wish we could be there and do something special for you today...
I stole this picture bytheway...

It is also the birthday of my lovely sister Kimmie. We have been best friends our whole lives and I can't even believe you are 3 years older than me. I can't wait to see your birthday in a box pictures!

AND it's the FIRST birthday of my favorite and ONLY Niece Lucy Juicy Bug! I HATE that we are not there for Lou Lou's very first birthday but we love her all the same.

Lucy and Kimmie

THIS year May 15th is extra special because it is also the COLLEGE graduation of my brother-in-law Daniel...graduating in Mathematics from University of North Texas Dallas!

I don't have a picture of Daniel graduating yet (obvi) but this is Lucy wearing her "My Dad's a Grad" tutu outfit that is so adorable!

AAAAAND...May 15th is the day my little sister Kailey is performing in her school's play... The Wizard of Oz. She is a jitter bug and Ozian! Wish I could see that jitterbug dance...

So many fun and exciting things for us. BUT there is a down side....we don't get to be there for ANY of the celebrations! :( What a sad...and happy day. So we decided to celebrate on our own because that is what we do. Any excuse to get to celebrate we jump on. So CHEERS to all of you. Know that we are down here in AZ spending the day by the pool, having a BBQ with friends, and drinking celebratory lemonade our of our celebration margarita glasses just. for. you! We LOVE our family so much and you all mean the world to us. Wish you all were down here. LOVE YOU. GOOD JOB. CONGRATS. & HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ...we are expecting pictures from all of you.

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  1. wow...I am kinda glad it's over......but happy that it was so joyful


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