Saturday, May 8, 2010

No work allowed.

Days off are my FAVORITE!!! I feel like I am just waiting all week to get one day where Chris and I can just do what we want. I'm SO glad we like to be with each other :)

This week's day off we went over to Mesa to check out some things we heard about...

SweetCakes cafe! I wanted to take a picture of the giant cookies we got but once I remembered they were almost gone

Downtown Mesa has the most random statues all along Main Street...we took a lil tour and got a kick out of em...

Afterwards we HAD to hit up the pool o'course. Ohhh my favorite thing in the world is to lay on my pool float in the sun while Chris pulls me around the pool! That's what I imagine heaven to be like :) haha!

Ended the day with dinner and a Redbox. Best day ever!!!!


  1. You found the pink chair, I love it. What did you think of sweet cakes? You need to try the giant oreo cookie sometime. I love your blog and glad you enjoyed downtown Mesa.

  2. Love this post...if that's heaven can you make sure we can't sunburn before I get there


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